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Monday, July 30, 2007

Online Forensic Experts Point Out Possible Identity Of Porn Poster To Kumekucha

A former journalist who appears to be pretty idle now has been linked to the posting of pornographic material in this site. Evidence gathered based on the IP addresses from where the posts are being made and the writing, which compares with the writer's style elsewhere so closely that it is difficult to miss has left Kumekucha and an expert with little doubt as to who this mysterious poster is.

Naturally if the posts do not stop, I will reveal the findings that have been gathered here for perusal by other readers, as well as the name of the porn addict.

One of the people involved with the investigation has cheekily commented that this may be the new kind of writing this Kenyan journalist is now applying his skills to. This may not be entirely a joke because some porn sites pay some dirty minds pretty well for the filth they churn out and knowing that this journalist has been out of a job for some months, this is one possibility that cannot be ruled out.

I take this opportunity to thank the man very much for greatly increasing the number of hits and popularity of this site by providing me with a story that our readers cannot seem to get enough of. The hit counter for the previous post I carried warning readers of this character went berserk and broke all records last week. Thank you very much.

Meanwhile a study of recent traffic figures to this site reveals that Kenyans and those who read this blog regularly are widely scattered all over the world. The figures and localities change throughout the day with Kenyan traffic rising tremendously mostly in the mornings, Kenyan time. Here is a breakdown taken at 8 pm Kenyan time when Kenyan traffic drops off. Incidentally the prime time for postings by the rogue poster is afternoon to late evening.

I have also included below the percenatges of visitors to Kumekucha today at 8:30 pm Kenyan time. Have also included the ip address of the visitor who spent the longest time on the site from South Africa visiting no less than 5 pages.

Perc. Country Name
53.09% Kenya
21.81% United States
6.58% United Kingdom
3.70% Mauritius
2.67% Italy
2.06% Uganda
1.85% Germany
1.85% Norway
1.44% Spain
1.03% Tanzania, United Republic Of
1.03% South Africa
0.82% Canada
0.82% Angola
0.41% Malaysia
0.21% Belgium
0.21% United Arab Emirates
0.21% Taiwan
0.21% Qatar - IP address of our precious visitor in South Africa. Whoever you are thank you very much. We value your taking the time to drop in.

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