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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tanzanians Should Give Us A Break

It is becoming increasingly clear, that the 11 Kenyans who were gunned down in Tanzania were "executed" and were highly unlikely to have been participating in a robbery.

I am aware that the vast majority of readers of this blog are in support of extra-judicial killings as a sound strategy to fight crime. As much as I hate violent crime, I DO NOT agree.

It is better for 10 genuine criminals to face a fair trial and be acquitted rather than have just one innocent person going to the gallows for a crime they did not commit. Let us not be short-sighted folks. The next time your company unexpected sends you to Moshi and you end up in the same hotel as some Kenyan thugs and then the police burst in and arrest all Kenyans in the hotel and then shoot all of them dead, will that be fair?

It is no secret that the Tanzanian police and the government have for a long time been getting increasingly irritated by Kenyan thugs robbing their banks and it was only a matter of time before something gave, which happened last week.

But let us spare a thought for the possibility that one or more of the dead Kenyans was innocent. What would you have felt if you were a member of the family and you knew the truth.

Tanzanian authorities should also be realistic. How many Tanzanians are being arrested at JKIA for drug trafficking every other week. Personally I know a number of Tanzanians who are drug traffickers, which in my book is a crime that kills many more people. (Remember that many thugs use drugs to execute robberies and rape.) There is one who pretends to import cars but he lives for two years in the plush Nyali suburb on one imported car (Not a HAMMER but a cheap 1200cc).

Using the logic of most readers here maybe what we should do the next time we arrest Tanzanian drug traffickers is shoot them dead and then say that they resisted arrest. We are quite good at that business of "my mboys(sic) returned fire."

The day Kenyans do this, is the day they will see the wrath of the Tanzanians and realize how they have something that we don't have.

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1 comment:

coldtusker said...

Shooting the drug dealers... is OK in my book!


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