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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Who Is Anglo Leasing?

Who is the mystery man behind Anglo Leasing who has remained behind the shadows for all this long? Who is this untouchable?

One mystery has lingered ever since this major scandal of the Kibaki administration widely referred to as the Angle Leasing affair broke. It is the simple question; “Who Is Anglo Leasing?

Who is the final authority who sanctioned the corrupt deals where Kenyan lost billions of shillings. Is it Daudi Mwiraria? Or is it Chris Murungaru? Who would have had enough power to sanction the withdrawal of such large amounts from the Treasury?

Are there any similarities between Turkwell Gorge, Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing? What about the Ken Ren Ferterlizer issue? Could there be a link between the man who was finance Minister when the Ken Ren issue first surfaced, and some of the players in the current scandal (where I am told the government has already paid massive amounts of money to Kenren. In other words, it is a done deal).

Who is this untouchable?

Read the questions again and try and figure it our for yourself.

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