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Sunday, September 16, 2007

What Was Gideon Dishing Out Cash For?

My impeccable sources also indicate that many GNU members who would have been forced to take the government position and vote against the evil amendment stayed away.

It is said that they received a fat envelope to stay very far away from parliament during voting. The sources further add that the source of the generosity was the Baringo Central MP who is also the “main star” of the Kroll Report.

Also of interest in the list of shame is the name of one Andrew Ligale, a former Permanent Secretary in government, turned MP. Sometime in 1992, I had a fascinating conversation with Ligale’s then 17 year old son. I believe his name was Eugene, if my memory serves me right. I struck up a conversation with the young man because he had a passion for something I also have a passion for—rugby. The boy who was still in school was playing very attractive club rugby as a speedy winger for a club side. As we mingled with others, the young Ligale, who was a little intoxicated blurted out that his ambition was to be a PS one day, just like his dad had been.

That utterance was pregnant with meaning. It just goes to show how corruption and theft of public monies has paid off so handsomely for so many Kenyans. So much so that youngsters admire them and wish to grow up to do the same.

Shockingly, even Njoki Ndungu’s name is on the list of shame. The attractive-for-her-age nominated legislator is said to be “very close” to Chris Murungaru (the man not allowed to step in London, anywhere in Britain or the US and the only one Kibaki has dared not re-appoint to his cabinet).

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Anonymous said...

ligale's son was in Lenana. loads of (stolen) cash from his father to blow away.

Anonymous said...

I think someone wanting to do the sam e thing his father does, is not by any stretch a direct link to corruption.

If he had specifically mentioned that by being a PS there was a lot of dirty money to get, I would see your point.

I really like this blog. But the whole Eugene Connection is rather silly man.

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure what your point about corruption here is... With Lenana being a National School (public) in which Eugene qualified to enter by merit at KCPE, and like 'anonymous' says, the guy wanting to follow in his father's footsteps and serve the nation. Where is the corruption link? And what 'loads of cash' is needed to be 'blown' in Lenana? Anyone who qualifies is entitled to attend the school!

Anonymous said...

"Qualifies to get into Lenana?"
Surely !

P.S.'s Son's like the quote "inebriated Eugene" had Daddy call the Lenana Headmaster, after he dunda'd, which he continued to do in the U.K.

The true "academic & Rugby" fan was his sober late brother, Eric, un-spoilt by ill-
gotten gains

Evans said...

Actually, 'anonymous', i'm quite certain that if you look in the Daily Nation archives around Dec 27 1989, you'll find that Eugene Ligale was in the top 100 in the country in KCPE. You really should check your facts before commenting on his 'dundaring'.

Anonymous said...

Surely- we hope you aspire for more than "Top 100 in KCPE" -your Primary Education ?

P.S. The blog topic here is not KCPE- its Nepotism in the face of institutional Corruption

Anonymous said...

Eugene has turned out to be a fine and respected young man. Quit hating on him.......

Anonymous said...

Funny how people jump to conclusions without any knowledge. Whoever noted that Eugene was indeed top 100 in the paper is correct. As far as wanting to be a PS what connection does that have with money and corruption. Sounds like some haters got it twisted.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, get your bloody facts right. You are such a misguided fool....Eugene never 'dundad' his high school or uni studies. He is actually a commisioned Royal Navy Officer. Now you tell me how he managed to do that with 'papa's' help, and not based solely on his own merits.

Anonymous said...

I personally think that if you have anything worth saying about anyone then you should do it where it has some relevance. Otherwise it's just being unfair and your blog becomes less credibility. So next time you write down someone's name and surname, quote a court ruling or better still sue them.


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