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Monday, March 03, 2008

Vicious Power Struggle Begins In Kenya

Is Kalonzo about to lose the vice presidency?

The leadership qualities of one Kalonzo Musyoka were clearly visible for all to see this last Saturday in Ukambani. If you are still of the old school and believe that a strong leader is one who hires people to jeer and intimidate an opponent and perceived threat to yourself at the funeral of her mother, then Kalonzo is quite a brilliant leader.

Actually what we are now seeing are just the initial signs of a vicious power struggle that is beginning to unfold in Kenya between the old school politicians and the new emerging generation of political leaders.

But let me start at the beginning.

On Saturday the political action in Ukambani was at the funeral of the late mother of the MP for Kathiani, Wavinya Ndeti. Before I go any further, let me tell; you a little about this gallant woman (who also happens to be a drop dead beauty “supu” at the age of 39.) I will post an appropriate photograph the moment I get it).

Wavinya managed to beat a very strong field of men to make history as the first woman to win a parliamentary seat in the history of Machakos district. That field of opponents was led by the immediate former MP Kyalo Kaindi who poured money like there was no tomorrow. Just to illustrate to you how things are changing in Kenya; money usually works miracles in Kathiani constituency. But this time, the people took the money and voted differently. All signs are that in Wavinya we are witnessing the emergence of another Charity Ngilu (just remember that you read it first in Kumekucha long before it came to pass). Incidentally Wavinya is a Kamba word that means “the one of power” or “the strong one.”

So back to my story. Hon Wavinya Ndeti was in mourning for her dear beloved late mother and deserved a quiet funeral to bury the woman who brought her to this world. But there was no way that VP Kalonzo Musyoka would allow that to happen. Busloads of people were hired mainly from the Kibwezi area and they arrived at the funeral having been carefully briefed on what to do. Before the graveside service was even done, the onslaught began. It was all kicked off by one of the main financiers of Kalonzo’s presidential campaign, Johnstone Muthama who invited the councilors who were present to “greet” the people. What happened next was that speaker after speaker castigated the likes of poor Wavinya for daring to criticize “the king of Ukambani” and the alleged president in waiting who will easily be elected in 2012 (some pipe dream). Meanwhile the hired jeering mob started making a lot of noise in support of what was being said against Wavinya. Imagine gown men all coming to attack a defenseless woman in mourning.

The whole idea was to scare the rebel MPs back into line. Kalonzo probably figured that he would be able to successfully scare “this young girl.” The very opposite seems to have happened. Wavinya emerged from her baptism of fire to hit back at the Kalonzo supporters and appeared to have gotten substantial support from the neutral mourners.

But the real drama followed later when Kalembe Ndile spoke to the mourners and appealed for calm (after the hired hands had mostly left).

Kalembe told a section of the crowd something that probably explains the unbecoming behavior of the “duly appointed” Vice President of the republic of Kenya. He told a very attentive audience that James Orengo (one of the two men together with AG Amos Wako who drafted last Thursday’s historic agreement) had explained to him the implications of the 50/50 agreement. Kalembe says that he was told that it means that everything has to be shared 50/50. Meaning that if the president is from PNU, then the VP has to be from ODM apparently the agreement even stretches to the appointments of ambassadors and High commissioners. Meaning that if the Ambassador to the US is PNU then the High commissioner to the UK will have to be ODM and so forth.

What this means is that VP Kalonzo (or Kaloozer as some readers here love to call him) is set to join the ranks of Kenya’s short-serving VPs. In other words the man who hires goons to disrupt funerals is about to lose the Vice Presidency. His strategy seems to be to ensure that the whole of Ukambani is firmly behind him so as to make it more difficult for him to be dropped. I leave it to you to judge the wisdom of such a move. But I can tell you that these are old ancient tactics learned from the late Mulu Mutisya a man who never saw the inside of a classroom in his life and yet Kalonzo was a devoted student to the man. I can also authoritatively tell you that Kalonzo does NOT have the support of the whole of Ukambani. Actually the community has been split right down the middle and those against him are probably more than those who are for him.

Fellow Kenyans, what we are seeing is the beginning of a power struggle that will be vicious. Not between the big boys Raila and Kibaki (theirs will pale in comparison) but between politicians from the old school and the impatient new rookies who have come in with clear instructions from the people who elected them. And that is they want change and are sick and extremely tired of the old ways.


Anonymous said...

The old way will happen becaue the new way will lead to the old way, The Way

Anonymous said...

my goodness chris!!....either we are totally reading from the same script or you have telepathic detectors installed on this site so that you can read your readers' thoughts!!

i have said the same exact and elsewhere......that since odm gets the premier blah blah blah, pnu gets the president blah blah is only logical that since pnu are bringing in a deputy premier odm must also 'supply' a vp that way both camps can monitor both the functions of the state and government (that way the 50/50 concept comes in and makes political sense).

of course, my opinion is based on speculation, seeing that i have no evidence nor am i privy to james orengo leakage (kalembe ndile style) but if anybody reads that agreement taking into account odm demands during the mediation process, that is exactly what that document says!!

i dont know much about kalonzo but if he has any sense in that head of his....he should quickly tender his resignation before he is dropped off!! infact if i were him i would run to be the official leader of the opposition...i hear you get paid more for that post than ordinary mps!! hehehehe!!

seriously, he should consider this position and must learn to get with the programme...and see for himself what the electorate is saying!! i wish he had the gift of 'prophetic wisdom' rather than this 'miracle' nonsense of his-anajiaibisha!!

i am also inclined to believe that during that whole mediation process...odm must also have wanted to teach the guy a lesson...its what anybody would do and seeing that the mediation was 'successful'...the one thing am certain of, is that they must have pushed for the death of the guy's political career... he should accept it sooner rather than later!!

one thing that would really puzzle me is if kibaki decided to keep him on...why on earth would he want to do that? to reward him for bringing on board 16 mps mostly from his backyard? (shows how he lacks national backing!!)

kibaki knows as everybody else does, that kalonzo has no value to him any longer....he also knows kalonzo's career is finished, and finally kibaki also knows that this coalition deal is the last chance he has to exercise any semblance of exective authority over this country....he knows!!...if i were kibaki i would distance myself far away from that looser.

moreover, the guy proved to all and sundry that he does not subscribe to any 'democratic' school of thought...that's why his camp was so adamant in having wrong results declared!! he killed his career right there and then!! he has also shown how dishonest and petty he can be...screwing maanzo and julia ojiambo....appointing councillors...that had not been agreed upon....aiii...surely!! even miracles cannot help!!

honestly, for him there is no where to go but down-to the pits of political hell...where he belongs!! remember mutula kilonzo said during the negotiations that this deal would not make some people happy...methinks he was talking about his comrade!!

i hate to admit it but i think that alfred mutua was right (it is so painful!! to agree with mutua) in his statement(in his capacity as government spokesman of course, not pnu marionette) that the government will not share power with loosers!!

so, bye-bye kalonzo (looser!)

Anonymous said...

Mrembowaodm, Kalonzo can no be the official leader of opposition.Parliament Standing Orders require that the official opposition party must have at least 30 MPs.So Kalooser is just a loser.Can he multiply his 16 kambas to become 30? - no miracles here.

Anonymous said...

How dare anyone show up at a funeral and start abusing the mourners? That is the most backwards thing I've ever heard. Shame on all those useless goons. Kalonzo needs to be punished and face his demise. That will be a good lesson for the other greedy, selfish leaders.


Anonymous said...

anonymous 5.34 thank you for the clarification.

woiye.....sasa even that option is closed?! hahaha

no more money for him? would just become a back bencher?!! hehehe!!

maybe he should form a post-election coalition with the small parties parliamentary group and see whether he can elevate his position in the house....hahaha!! though i dont see which parliamentarian would want to touch him... not.... even with a 10 foot pole...he's tainted!!

this is just too funny...maybe this was the miracle,... that... all political doors would come slamming back on his face?! hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is certainly living in the past.

The Kenyan politician of today is one who thinks beyond ethnic boundaries and is interested in genuine change.

Anonymous said...


Hope you are now sober after celebrating Railas " win".

However as you know pnu has 45 MPS and thus will be swallowed by Odm 99. To counter this Kibaki needs his coaliation with Kanu,ODM-K and the rest( remember speakers voting) to survive the 50-50 equation meaning Kalonzo will still play big role in the emerging political arena.


Anonymous said...

What was done to Wavinya is both shameful and unafrican. Lets hope KM had nothing to do with it. As a VP he is not supposed to stoop that low.
Besides he is supposed to be fighting bigger battles at the national stage, not fighting some uknown rookie mp. If he is indeed expending his energies on such worthless ventures, then it is unlikely that he will survive the fights at the national stage that pits him against Odinga, Ruto, Mudavadi, Saitoti, Uhuru, Karua et al.

I doubt that ODM is interested in the VPs post. Chances are that KM will be the VP till 2012.

Can someone explain how the 50/50 will be implemented in civil service. Although I support the 50/50 at cabinet level, I am a bit apprehensive about the same at civil service level. The questions that come to mind is how will it be implemented, will 50% of top civil servants suddenly find themselves jobless for no fault of their own, how will the 50% be identified, and at what level will this stop.

I honestly believe we should depoliticise civil service and appoint and sack on basis of merit.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe we should depoliticise civil service and appoint and sack on basis of merit

Anon 10:10 , I agree with you 100% but that does not mean the skewed appointments in the civil service should be left unchallanged, This is a new start and there is no better place to start than at the civil service. It should reflect the merits from other parts of kenya also. The big axe is comming. You notice the Govt is still playing games by transfering the Registra to Thika. Protection for good work done. She should be recalled back to Nairobi to explain how they planned and and then be sacked.

Anonymous said...

Anon @11.07.

No doubt there is skewed appointments, but to add to my comments at 10.10: How will they determine who gets sacked and who stays. On basis of performance, ethnicity(if ethnicity wont that be a dangerous trend, and wont that be fueling the kind of malaise that Kenyans want tacled).

If on the basis of alloted ministry isnt it possible that if PNU retains the ministry of finance, they will seek to sack(as an example) Martin Oduor and replace him with some PNU leaning guy, and yet Martin has done a good job managing KCB.

On paper thios 50/50 thing sounds wonderful but it may prove to be nasty.

Anonymous said...

Assuming there are 10 kikuyus and 10 from other tribes its quite easy to see who should be sacked. hose 10 were employed at the expenvce of other people who probably where more qualified - maybe theu should look at the applications for the posts to determine who were employed unfairly - a way must must be found to correct the injustice of NEPOTISM.

Anonymous said...

If you walk in the ministry of finance and read the name tags you will very quickly see who should be sacked. I believe there are people who are even more qualified tgan the current root if yu want to take it on merit.

Anonymous said...

This is balonie (bologna)

Anonymous said...

This is all BOLOGNA....KALONZO ain't going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Im starting to wonder, based on the name tags and the 10 extras were they all employed within the last 5 years? AMA MO1 was part of hiring them too?


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