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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little Known Facts From The History Of The Luos That Explains The Mystery

As I have said here many times before, as Kenya approached independence, the two front runners for the top office were both from the Luo community, namely Tom Mboya and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga (Raila’s father). The older Odinga sensing defeat in the hands of the young Mboya couldn’t take it and decided to play a political trump card to completely wipe out his opponent and bitter political rival. He led a campaign insisting that Jomo Kenyatta (then incarcerated) be released from detention and that Kenyans would not accept independence without Kenyatta’s release.

So rather than see the leadership of Kenya go to one of his own, Jaramogi was prepared to sacrifice the presidency and hand it over to another community.

This is one of the characteristics people suffering from rejection usually have. They are sometimes deeply envious and jealous of those close to them and will do anything to stop them.

There are many characteristics in our beloved Luo community that speak of rejection. The reason for most Kenyans not accepting them is NOT because of circumcision. It is something much deeper than that.

I found it in a little know part of the community’s history after much digging.

It is widely known that the Luo migrated into East Africa from a place in Sudan called Bahr-el-Ghazal. But few talk of where they arrived from when they settled in Bahr-el-Ghazal. My research shows that they actually originated from far in the Western part of Africa in present day Nigeria. My sources indicate that the reason the early Luos left Nigeria was because of a very serious quarrel between two brothers, Uthieno and Gillo. Gillo was killed in the ensuing fight between the brothers. It is said that Uthieno killed him in a jealous rage. Uthieno is the father of modern day Luos.

This web site seems to confirm some of these facts although the version here is a little different at one point 3 brothers are mentioned. The general facts are however similar in many ways.

The really fascinating thing here is that there has been talk (half jokingly) about the Luos seceding from Kenya if they continue to be treated as second class citizens. This is just a replay of what the community has suffered during the constant movement first from the West (Nigeria) and then from Sudan. I have tried unsuccessfully to determine the real reason why the Luo moved from Bahr-el-Ghazal, but understanding their history it is not too difficult to guess why.

That is the sad story of the Luo community. My best friends and some of the most talented and highly educated Kenyans. The community whose main capital is where I happened to have been born and the same city where I met my wife two decades or so later.

The objective of my research is NOT to give silly PNU propagandists ammunition for a new email spam campaign. Rather it is to reveal the truth so that a process of healing may begin for these brothers whom I hold very dearly and so close to my heart that I have often been accused here of being an ODM sympathizer.

As the good book says; you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.


Anonymous said...

Can you please post something with more clarity and not just nonsense for the sake of it. I had enough history in school and don't care whether we came from egypt or the arctic. And what's this with KTN style reporting (sensational headlines with no sustance.)If you're team is losing, shut up and wait for the next match. Don't seat on the bench shouting yourself horse.

chris said...

This is exactly what I warned against.

I refer you to the begining of the article. I said that those who can't handle this kind of stuff should just ignore the posts and read something else. You have instead chosen to display your ignorance on the subject.

The losing side as you put are always the ignorant and they ca be found in every political party.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kumekucha, are you telling us that the only people who suffer from Jealousy are Luos? I beleive this is a trait which is individualised and cannot be used to refer to over 2m people. Surely migration happened gazzillions of years ago,not to mention God can always cancel whatever it is the devil holds against one.I think rejection is also something that one can just choose to take up. I'm Luo I do not feel any less rejected than other Kenyans. I listen to other Kenyans from NEP, Turkana etc and I often feel we are better off.You see people also confuse the pride with arrogance and the passion for issues with violence.You hvae to be passionate if you really beleive in something even God does not want half baked commitment to him.Just my thought...

Alex said...

Chris, there you go again, with your research (and you have misused this term many times before)However, what were your sources? How credible were they? was it one source or many corraborating each other? and did you do any comparative analysis? could for example the Kikuyus have left the Congo basin and wherever else they came from due to similar situations? (Rejection) If so, why would they be different from the Luos in behaviour.

Chris, you are attempting to address a very complex issue using a very simplistic approach!

Anonymous said...

Growing up in deep rural Kikuyu land, I could say it's true there was a lot of hatred towards the Luos. Parents resented any thought of marrying outside the tribe but it was more like blasphemy to marry from Luo land.

That was many years ago. Today I'm extremely happy to say those old prejudices have literally ceased to exist. Every time I travel back to my rural home which is in Kiambu district, I find many tribes co-existing together. We have Chaggas from TZ, Merus and many Luos.

They have thoroughly intermarried with the locals. The old prejudices are long gone although I won't be surprised if there were some few pockets of bigotry. This would also be the case in any area towards 'foreigners' but thanks God things are moving positively.

I would say this is from an educated population and also religion playing a big part in people's lives unlike in the olden days.

How many times have you guys been to clubs in other parts of Kenya especially Central only to find Ohangla music blaring out loud and locals dancing while-surprisingly- singing along?

Anonymous said...


Is it the same rejection that the Black race at large grapples with?

Paul Robert

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

For a moment there,I thought I was reading from one of Margaret Wanjiru's books about the levels and colours of witchcraft (I've just seen the titles, never would read them!), generational curses and all those things I refused to subscribe to esp after I joined something we called the Bible Exposition Self Training Programme, or rather reading the Bible yourself and interpreting it in your own context, in college. If generational curses truly exist, surely it can't be al doom and gloom. There must be generational blessings, and that's what I want!

You could say that Kalonzo visits Sangomas in SA and a myriad other politicians visit wachawis in Kenya. I don't know how true that is, but I think it'll be a long time before Christianity in Kenya and/or other parts of Africa totally separates itself from traditional religious practices that tend to spiritualize every little thing, especially if that thing happens to be a problem.
The other day we were reading from no less than Othieno himself (did you notice how that sounds like Uthieno, the father of all Luos?)that the Dini ya Musambwa leader 'prophesied' that the leadership of Kenya will go to the Luhyas through the lake (Luos, I presume). Oh, well.
Now we are reading about the spiritual intervention that takes place every time leadership changes. My question is, why does this leadership, even after fervent spiritual intervention, end up being so disappointing? I can deduce that before Kenya was handed from the British to Kenyans through Kenyatta, there must has been some serious spiritual intervention. Then Kenyatta proceeded to plant the seeds of tribalism, according to Chris. Then someone must have intervened for Moi to be president, only for him to devastate us economically. Then Kibaki, and......what are his sins again? Surely not the 6% growth.

My other question-why does it have to be about Luos all the time? I mean, aren't we a country of more than forty tribes? Times/posts like these make me ever so grateful that we are that many tribes, for were it Kikuyus and Luos or Kikuyus and Kalenjins or even Nyeri Kikuyus and Kiambu Kikuyus, man, we would have been thorugh a genocide by now. And then we would require some more spiritual internvention.
Anyway Chris does have a way of touching the part of me that makes me feel sorry for you guys (Luos) but even if I were to vote, that wouldn't be reason enough for me to vote for 'you'.
Another thing that you must consider is that the most spiritual lot in Kenya are the Muslims and Christians. A leader who attempts to lock in the vote of part one group with a document called an MoU cannot turn back and expect that the spiritual intervention of the majority other group will hand him the presidency.

Anonymous said...

I think your piece was a very veiled but clumsy attempt at painting luos as the inept and resentful people they definately are not. Stick to easier subjects you clown.....

Anonymous said...

This is good stuff. Can we put it in context now? What with the romanticisation of the issue of REJECTION. I think you tend to Theorize this issue and look at it in a steriotypic lense. GOOD LUCK.

antonio said...

And ati this is not a pro-Raila blog!
Was an A-student in history and have a passion for it but having read through the entire post i can honestly say there was no research done.
Most likely bar-talk been dressed up.Kumekucha your audience is a wee-bit more intellectual so please spare us the trash....

chris said...

Mr "A" student in history, this is NOT history and I don't go to bars so it can't be bar talk.

Kindly move your intellectual ignorance elsewhere and let the silent majority who are keenly following this thread read comments that add value as they wait for my next bombshell of a post.

N.B. Attention Kumekucha readers. This topic is NOT for everybody. Those who think this is history or a political game are obviously in the wrong place and should move to other posts and totally ignore this topic.

bloggeratti said...

Despite being a Christian, I detest the escapism among Christian faithful, where they heap the blame of their woes on curses.

If that were the case, I would be irretrivably insane - anybody in our family who carries the TWO surnames I bear has a nut or two missing upstairs.

Despite their woeful history Chris, I don't think we should look at the Luo community with pity.

Remember, its very easy to hide behind an historical excuse, however deep or intriguing.

Anonymous said...

The cradle of mankind is E.Africa, haleluya!!!. This mankind then spread from one place to the other then ended up occupying the whole world. Good. Luos then found themselves in Nigeria whence they started retracting their footsteps to their point of origin, (the cradle of mankind)greeeeeeaaaat!!

Now Xris, did you know that the world all over people are constantly migrating? Has this got something akin to the Luo? Did all the 41 tribes in kenya originate from kenya? Thanks god that makes them not jealous hence non murderers.

Why do you think luos are seen by certain individuals as a threat? Because these individuals wish to maintain certain status of quo that is spoilt by certain luos.

Did you know that same luos sat down raila and told him off?

The problem with luos is that they are the kinds who originally wish for things to be done in broad daylight. Failure to do that will neet their consequence. If you think you understand this community, you aint know nothing yet brother Xris.

Why do they insist on burrying their kin in their ancestral birth place if your issue of them "constantly ready to migrate" is to hold any water?

I wish you good luck in your quest to understand joramogy.

Lembus - du ! said...

This is his Blog and he can post all he wishes. I don't necessarily agree but i ain't crying about it ! Move on.
Like Chris said
" I refer you to the begining of the article. I said that those who can't handle this kind of stuff should just ignore the posts and read something else "

Anonymous said...

I don't know you nor do i know which side of the political landscape you fall but i can assure you that your research is flawed. Oh wait, there is too little research done. The characteristic of jealousy applies to every human being including yourself. All i see is that you have analyzed a targeted group of people that you obviously do not like and tried to justify that it is right to be biased against them.

I suggest you sit down with a history professor at a our local universities, preferably one from the Luo tribe and let him tell you a story of their culture. I believe that the Luos have the strongest of integrity, the highest of intellect and the most friendly people you can meet in East Africa. They don't play around nor like to lie and thats why people like you want to keep them between a rock and a hard place so that the ones with compromised integrity can succeed.

mangorio said...

am a deeply disappointed to read this; it reminds me of how man always tries to rationalise any objectionable/murderous intentions before carrying them out. it reminds of the same rationale used by anti-semitics to justify the persecution, genocide and forced conversion of jews based on the fact they were acursed of God - they killed JC - ask the Nazis; volumes of research show various justifications used over centuries. This post attempts to use the same bias to paint the Luo community; As a Kenyan, I expected better from you Chris!
No need to beat about the bush, just come out and say what's really on your mind

kenyan said...

Very interesting piece about luos and rejection. I always wondered how we came to know where we migrated from and if at all...does it have any significance in this day and age. Chris you sound like an intelligent man but your THEORY lacks factual backing. I hope that one day we get a well deserved multi-ethnic President, then, then I guess we would not be too tribal coz he will have a little bit of everything

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
Interesting article though too much of history lessions that we dont need. Why dont people come to the reality and face the fact that recism is all arround us, be it between white & black, the old & the young, Kikuyu & Luo, Kalenjin & kikuyu, and many more. The fact that i live in a wide diverse community means that whoever is next to me then, is my brother or sister no matter his or her race. I say this because when i get sick in Nairobi my brother kamau will not come from Nyeri to rescue me, but Omondi my neigbour will be the one to take me to the hospital. get my point. All this power Greed is self selfishness and there will be no focus. As its being mentioned, Why arent CEOs of companies throwing stones at each other and yet they are directly afftected through the economy. yet its some low life hooligan in the slums. Well, past days and years are a lesson to all and we dearly need think wisely and know that we all have a common end no matter who we are. We shall all go 6 feet down one day. Love one another and stop all the hate.

Anonymous said...

"My other question-why does it have to be about Luos all the time? I mean, aren't we a country of more than forty tribes? Times/posts like these make me ever so grateful that we are that many tribes, for were it Kikuyus and Luos or Kikuyus and Kalenjins or even Nyeri Kikuyus and Kiambu Kikuyus, man, we would have been thorugh a genocide by now. And then we would require some more spiritual internvention."

This is good insight by Proud Kikuyu Woman. Unfortunately, I think that it goes both ways. Binyavanga Wainaina wrote about how the Kikuyu wazees had convinced many of their fellow tribesmen and women that if Raila won the presidency, then there would be a genocide of the Kikuyu.

The hate literature put out by PNU in Eldoret against Raila did not help.

Nor, if it is true, did the pre-election efforts of some anti-Kikuyu Kalenjins. I am still hesitant to believe the latter since, rumor has it, there will be no witnesses to testify... Had Human Rights Watch not come out and said that some Kalenjin politicians set up a genocide against Kikuyus, then I would be calling these claims propaganda.

As to Proud Kikuyu Woman's question, it is now clear (today being Jan. 27, 2008) that Kibaki's sin was to keep the wealth in the hands of the elite...and to deprive Kenyans of democracy.

Anonymous said...

What I meant about the reference to Wainaina (above) was that this has become a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy that has not been helped by Kibaki hardliners like Michuki and Karua or by certain Kikuyu wazees.


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