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Thursday, November 22, 2007

January 2008 Assuming That PNU Win The Elections…

It is January 2008 and President Kibaki having just won a very closely contested general elections, disappears back into the inner rooms of State House where he was hidden prior to the hectic campaigns of late last year.

President Kibaki is of course the first president of Kenya to live in State House, Nairobi as well as work from there. The last ruler of the land to do so was in fact the last representative of the Queen shortly before Kenya gained her independence in 1963, governor Malom McDonald. Kenyatta preferred his Gatundu home and important cabinet meetings were even held there. Like the crisis meeting that planned Tom Mboya’s funeral shortly after his assassination in July 1969.

President Moi would also always retire to Kabarnet gardens off Ngong road at the end of hard day of work at State House Nairobi.

So as he starts his second and final term, it is work as usual for the aging president whose slogan Kazi inedelee lifted him to victory. And even at this early juncture of the second Kibaki administration, it is not too difficult to guess what should be expected.

More of the same really. Apart from a laid back president, the same economic policy that benefits only Kenyans who work hard (or is it only certain businessmen, especially those whose businesses heavily rely on imports because they have never passed on the benefits of cheaper imports to the public and have instead pocketed windfall profits). POnly that during this second term things are bound to be a little more difficult for them because disposable incomes are continuing to rapidly shrink under the Mwai Kibaki economic [policies which worked like a dream in the late 60s and 70s but are now a tad too old to tackle the many emerging problems the nation faces.

He Kibaki administration will of course take full advantage of the mandate given to them by the people of Kenya who in their vote clearly said that they do not want too much change and would like President Kibaki to continue where he left off.

Retired President Moi is expected to hold a major celebaration and thanksgiving celebration party in honor of the PNU election victory that he worked so hard to help achieve. Secretly it also means that his family fortunes are secure as they look to 2012 to influence the elections in Kenya again. Clearly the political ruling class of Kenya are firmlyin control and will remain in control for many years to come.

Influential cabinet Minister, Kiraitu Murungi wastes no time in releasing a barrage of statements to the press to gloat over the sweet PNU election victory. Naturally he builds on his pet phrase and this time says; “The PNU win proves that the so called Anglo Leasing scandal is indeed the scandal that never happened because as I have always said, the money was returned.”

PNU, as the President has always insisted did not want to make promises that they couldn’t keep. And that is why the issue of corruption did not feature anywhere in their manifesto. No point in lying to the people about zero tolerance to corruption when everybody knows that the nation has moved to 100% tolerance of corruption sustained by cosmetic moves like a KACA that specializes in prosecuting traffic policemen caught taking 50 bob bribes from motorists.

Nominated MP Chris Murungaru also releases a statement that leads to a screaming headline in the local newspapers; ODM RIGGED ME OUT AT KIENI.

The arrogance of other key cabinet ministers like Amos Kimunya (now nominated) and Martha Karua completes the picture. The wazee wa kazi trio of Njenga Karume and John Michuki are also very much around.

Oh.. but wait a minute. The country at least has a new slightly younger Vice President. According to the deal made with Kanu who were instrumental in the president’s victory, the VP had to come from KANU and the president chose well to ensure that his second administration does not go through the shaky beginning it witnessed in 2003.

Vice President Nicholas Biwott wastes no time in addressing the press to reassure Kenyans that all election pledges of PNU will be honored; “The devolution we promised Kenyans is in the CDF (Constituency Development Fund) which will now be increased by a whooping half a percentage.

Na Kazi inedelee.

Please wake up. You have been having a pleasant dream or a nightmare, depending on which side of the political divide you belong to and also depending on which tribe you belong. There are of course only two real tribes in Kenya and all others are fake tribes. The tribes are namely the “Haves” and the “Have Nothing.” The Haves will naturally celebrate for another 5 years.

Tomorrow: January 2008: Assuming That ODM Win The Elections


Anonymous said...

I think that Kibaki will appoint Uhuru vice president. That is a chance so good to let go by.

Anonymous said...

This blog has run shot of ideas. They have nothing to report since the star of ODM stopped shinnning.

Mkenya Halisi said...

Whether you dream, eat, sleep or even drink ODM, they never assume leadershp of this Country! PNU is on its way to VICTORY on 27th Dec 2007. ODM star shines NO More.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a horror movie, with the real horror being the swearing in of KibaKi for a second term. I think his lieutenants will steal 10 times more, the arrogance will be insuffarable. Mavi ya kuku and Pumbavi will find their way back to our vocabulary.
We survived 5 years, we will survive another 5 and for sure this time they will go packing.
All in all Kibaki anaenda Othaya 28th of Dec bcoz he is being red carded.
Forget the guys who think ODM's star in not shining- yes this is true in Central/Eastern but there are no changes in other places, this is just part of the PANUA dream.You will wake up and realize this soon enough!

Councillor Muhindi said...

Chris and Kumekucha readers,
Lets think about this for a moment.

1. FACT: An overwhelming majority of Nairobi voters have no idea who their former City Councillors were and what they did or did not do over the last five years.

2. FACT: 35 days to elections and a majority have no idea again whom they are going to elect to manage City Hall from January 2008.

3. FACT: Majority of Nairobi voters are therefore likely to vote "three-piece" depending on their Presidential choices. They'll have no idea whom they have voted for as a Councillor in their Wards.

4. FACT: We are likely to have more goons fighting and heckling each other at City Hall next year, instead of delivering much needed services at the Ward level. And again we shall wonder who elected them in the first place.

Just thought I should refocus our political debates on the deplorable quality of leadership at our grassroots level, away from the never-ending and tiring presidential debates.

Chris, at what point were you planning to discuss our pathetic local authorities and how they can be improved? I'll be holding my breath in anticipation of an indepth analysis from KUMEKUCHA staff.


Anonymous said...

to councillor muhindi

Now what is the solution then?.Dont just mention a problem and not come up with a solution.

Anonymous said...

In the aftermath of the ODM nominations Raila is conspicuous by his absence. Is he avoiding the party's many suppliers who havent been paid for weeks now and who are incensed?

Over the last few months Raila has been racking up airline miles at an alarming rate – the US, South Africa, Libya, Nigeria. In fact Raila has openly boasted about his close links with the American establishment. This culminated in Dick Morris, a political strategist with a murky past being brought in to help the ODM campaign. Raila's close links with foreign sponsors, especially those with mining and oil interests, warrants closer scrutiny.

This begs the question is he negotiating on behalf of Kenya at these meetings? Are our national interests being discussed? Why does Raila need to go abroad to raise funds? Is he promoting Kenya to foreigners or vice versa and to what end? How would it look if an American presidential candidate did most of his fundraising outside of the US?

We have been an independent country for 44 years so does one really need to get money from foreign sources? What interests do foreigners have in giving money to a Kenyan presidential candidate? Doesn’t this involve a quid pro quo? If Raila does become President will we end up with a puppet government? Why can’t he raise the money here from local businessmen like President Kibaki did with his fund raising dinner.

Raila has also in the past said that investors would flood into Kenya when he comes into power. What deals has he been negotiating with foreigners that he can confidently say this? Has this been the reason for his numerous trips abroad?

Some of the people he is known to associate have a questionable character at best and are downright criminal at worst. For example why does he persist in his relationship with suspected child smuggler Pastor Gilbert Deya in the UK. Is Deya a partial source of his funds and what has he promised him in return for his support?

On his many travels abroad, Raila has said a country that intimidates investors cannot grow economically. He once told the local Rotarian Society that when he becomes President he would put in place a legal framework friendly to local and foreign investors. But his past utterances about drug money at the stock exchange and his opposition to the privatization of Telkom and Safaricom seem at odds with the image he is trying to portray as investor friendly .

Lets examine Raila’s relationship with the rest of the ODM Pentagon and his single-minded pursuit of the Presidency.

Last year on his website he began positioning himself as an agent of change or in his words ‘one of the few remaining ardent pursuers of change in Kenya.’ Although he insisted at the time he had not begun his campaign and what he had done was merely "an expression of intention." At the same time that Raila was declaring that he was not pursuing the Presidency, his advert 'Raila for President 200'7'was appearing on the DSTV satellite channel.

ODM was supposed to be a broad-based alliance, with the "pentagon" of ODM leaders each representing an ethnic group - Raila representing the Luo; Mudavadi (Luhya); Ruto (Kalenjin); Balala (Coast); Kenyatta (Kikuyu); Nyaga (Embu); and most recently Ngilu (Kamba). In October 2006 Raila said ODM will forever remain united and dismissed those talking about any imminent split as prophets of doom. "I’m sorry for those saying we will split, because they will wait but that will never happen.”

In a report carried by Metro this week, one of the Pentagon members, Najib Balala, said he knows nothing about the alleged MOU signed between Raila and Muslim leaders. It is clear that the Pentagon team is not aware of all the secret meetings and deals Raila has carried both at home and abroad? Is this a question of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing?

Is this a foretaste of Raila’s leadership style? He seems hell bent on consolidating power even as he is championing Majimboism and the reduction in the powers of the office of the president.

Vee said...

that was somewhat a disturbing dream. but if we say Uhuru is VP then i can manage to sleep soundly through the next 5

Anonymous said...

Kibakis second term will be about mending rifts that almost caused his defeat in the elections. The old will still remain influencial but for image most of the new cabinet will be young including the vice president who will most likely come from any of the PNU supporters in ODM zones(read Kombo,Kirwa etc.).The economy will still keep on going but for those watching out for fly overs from thika to town nothing will have changed. From 2009 the Kibaki succession battle will take over and Kenyans will once again start asking for "real" change. And finally Chris will continue feeding us propaganda through kumekucha.


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