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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Our Luo Brothers Need To Know

I have just completed weeks of a most fascinating research I have been undertaking. It has involved consultations with many of my contacts in the Luo community as well as research on the web.

My personal belief is that what I have unearthed is extremely fascinating and could hold the key to Kenyans understanding what is one of the most misunderstood communities in the country today.

However in making the series of posts that you are about to read I am not naïve and am well aware of the fact that many of our readers are not interested in spiritual matters and have very little knowledge of it and yet whether we are ignorant of it or not, it usually affects our lives in such a devastating and permanent way.

My strong advice is that those of our readers who will not dare delve as deep as we are about to do here should just ignore these posts and move on. There is plenty of other political news and information in the rest of this blog to keep you occupied, entertained and intrigued.

So that you may all understand my reason for undertaking this strange piece if research in the first place, let me start by pointing out that there are those who are convinced (including this blogger) that there has been divine intervention at a very high level every time a change of leadership has been about to take place in Kenya.)

When President Kenyatta died in Mombasa in August 22nd 1978 there was a wide belief that the front runners to take over the presidency were his close confidante Mbiyu Koinange or his trusted nephew Dr. Njoroge Mungai. Indeed such trusted foreign media house like Time magazine said as much.

Prior to the change of leadership in 1978 several oaths had been taken blocking the presidency from ever crossing the Chania river, meaning that Kenya would always be ruled by a dynasty of Kiambu Kikuyus who had been close to President Kenyatta. After all these were the most experienced in steering the ship called Kenya having seen first hand how “mzee” had done it.

But those who had administered the oath forgot to administer another one blocking the presidency from moving to other tribes, other than the house of Mumbi. And that is exactly what ended up happening. A power struggle between two powerful cliques within the inner Kenyatta circle, one led by Njoroge Mungai and another by Charles Njonjo forced the compromise candidature of Daniel arap Moi to stand. Both sides were comfortable because they did not see Moi as a threat or capable of holding onto the office for long. But alas, God had different plans.

When it came to time for Moi to leave office, there was a very big problem. The main opposition presidential candidate was from the other side of the Chania river. Mwai Kibai was from Nyeri and the oath had effectively blocked the presidency from crossing the Chania River into Nyeri. Oaths, and especially the blood oaths that were being undertaken during the Kenyatta days are terrible things that have far-reaching long term effects. If aothas meant nothing then it would not be a criminal offence to administer them.

And that is why President Kibaki almost died in a very serious road accident that still affects his life to this day. There was divine intervention to preserve his life and to over-rule the oath that had been taken by Kenyatta people. If the Kibaki camp had realized this in 2002 and acknowledged the big miracle that took place, his presidency would have been very different.

President Kibaki’s tenure, whatever anybody says about it has been a tenure of unfulfilled potential. Those who know Kibaki well like this blogger are confident that he would have achieved much more than what he has done. One of the major obstacles spiritually has of course been the terrible oath working against his presidency.

Now there is a possibility that there will be a leadership change after December 27th and once again there is a major problem with the main opposition presidential candidate. This time the problem is not an oath. It is something very different. I speak about this in the next post.

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Anonymous said...

What the heck is this? Divine intervention made Kibaki the president! The oaths made Kibaki get an accident. Oh please, editor let's have a little sanity in this wonderful blog. Some stuff is just not fit for publictaion. And now we have to wait for the advice for the "Luo Brothers". Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Just hope you aren't pulling a trick on us here!Where do you get all this divine facts from?
Haven't you not heard that Mr.Bush received divine message,I guess from Cherney,to invade Iraq?And what about Howard,from down under,to support the divine course of our beloved president,Bush.I believe you must have read by now what happened to Howard,and the republicans are treading the Howard's path as well.
Mhh! Divine facts are so popular of late!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I hope you'll wake up tomorrow and tell us it was all a joke?g

Anonymous said...


[Quoted from the Holy Quran courtesy of]

Al-Ma'idah (The Table Spread)

5:51 O YOU who have attained to faith! Do not take the Jews and the christians for your allies: they are but allies of one another [72] and whoever of you allies himself with them becomes, verily, one of them; behold, God does not guide such evildoers. [73]

A more controversial translation of the verse above puts it thus "The Jews and Christians WILL ALWAYS BE OUR ENEMIES."

Considering this country is predominantly Christian, don't you think the Raila-Muslim MOU may lead to his defeat in Dec 27th?


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