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Friday, November 02, 2007

How Can The President Reverse The Negative Image About The Forthcoming Polls?

The things that need to be done, the President cannot and will not do. Still, here is the list for what it is worth;

1. Revoke the appointments of all the new ECK commissioners and open dialogue with the opposition parties on the matter.

2. Immediately renew Samuel Kivuitu’s term (if only for six months) so that he can complete the forthcoming polls without the kind of pressure hanging over his head currently.

3. Change the direction of the PNU campaign so that it takes the initiative for the first time and concentrates on talking issues rather than hurling insults and ridiculing the opposition.

4. Prepare and make public a proper handing over procedure and ceremony should he lose the elections.

5. Direct the ECK to immediately investigate and correct the anomalies Kenyan voters are complaining about.

6. Direct the ECK to withdraw with immediate effect the proposed last minute boundary changes in some constituencies in the country.

7. Arrest and prosecute Stanley “Moneybags” Livondo. For being an accessory to murder, causing a breach of the peace, incitement, throwing around Kenyan currency notes from a helicopter and generally being a nuisance to the public. The ECK should quickly follow by banning him from participating in the forthcoming polls.

Then Kenyans will begin to take this government seriously.

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