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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why Kumekucha Is Glad To Belong To The Lower Class

I take this opportunity to humbly thank all of you who came out in my defense over the recent venomous comment left in this blog by somebody whom I believe is an old school mate whom I know very well. I am only puzzled at their possible motives in leaving the comment which most of you hit out at.

To be honest I am shocked that some Kenyans still think in terms of the class they belong to. However I am delighted to discover that I belong to the lower class. No wonder I seem to understand the masses so well.

I am very touched by your strong support and faith in me. Let me also say that I am following to the letter, the excellent advice given to me by most of you that I simply ignore the “sour grapes” and continue with my work, which many of you seem to appreciate. Ahsante sana.

So the aim of this post is not to go back to where I have said I will not go. It is to highlight an interesting truth that has emerged from the whole incident.

The main point I want to draw Kenyans attention to is to the reason why we do not seem able to attract enough younger people to stand for elective office. While it is agreed that age is not a factor in these things, it is also agreed that Kenyan politics badly needs a fresh infusion of new and mostly younger blood. Folks who can attempt (or is it dare) to think out of the box.

The venomous comment left here proves something that has happened to many people who are about my age (mid forties and below). These people have never really stopped being school boys and they live to impress their friends and to do what is right according to public opinion and peer pressure. One of the most important rules in this game is that one should never make a fool of themselves. In other words, one should never lose face in front of their peers. Standing for political office and losing is losing face badly, after all these guys live in an illusionary world where everything has to succeed at the first try. Businesses must be established and prosper immediately, like in the movies. And this is where corruption comes in. Some of these age mates of mine whom I know personally have made money from deals like supplying the city council with chalk labeled as chlorine for treating city drinking water. Imagine the damage to people’s health, deaths etc. And these guys are very proud of the fortunes that they have raked in doing this sort of thing.

The really sad thing is that in the process of playing to the gallery some of these talented individuals completely lose their calling and end up as nothing better than corrupt Kenyans calling themselves entrepreneurs.

That is the new generation of Kenyans we are looking up to to take over the reigns of power as soon as possible. May the good Lord have mercy on us. Let me also be the first to apologize to all you readers for misleading you and selling an unfeasible idea in this blog. Despite the evils of the older generation, one thing I am sure they never did was to sell chalk to the city council labeled as chlorine for treating drinking water.

Yet another business practice by some of these so-called young entrepreneurs is that of supplying stuff and then stealing it back from the stores to re-supply again. Of course this is done with a lot of help from insiders. In one particular case this entrepreneur supplied street lights to the city council and then stole the whole lot and marched to City Council for an order to replace the stolen street lights.

These are the characters whom you will find at popular night spots in the city on Fridays and weekends oozing “success in business.”

When we cry for new younger leadership we will have to be very careful in scrutinizing the characters who present themselves for public office.

Incidentally the person who left the venomous comment has stood for political office before and failed to be elected. I will say no more.


macs34 said...

Amen....." May God have mercy on Us...

Anonymous said...

for Gods sake would you just leave it alone! U handled the whole matter very admirably in your first post by chosing to focus on facts and trying hard to glean some constructive criticism where there clearly was none. Now thats integrity!
Why u have now chosen to sink to his level, is beyond me. SO WHAT IF HE RAN FOR OFFICE AND FAILED???? And honestly, the implication from your post is that your attacker is the unnamed crook who defrauded city council. Dyu have evidence? Or have u launched a smear campaign without telling us? U either owe that man a retraction or evidence to substantiate your claims. A seasoned journalist like yourself should know better than to wrote a piece so heavy with insinuation. YOURS "HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED"

Pissed off - Mombasa said...

Say no more indeed Kumekucha. And stop it you two!! Actually stop it you Kumekucha! Just exchange E-mails with this guy and carry on with your cheap outbursts outside of our beloved Kumekucha. YEAH. IT IS OURS. If that fails hire a ring somewhere and buy some boxing gear. From the info you so comfortably published, one or both of you seem have enough extra body weight to physically crash the other with. Gosh! Don't you two realize that Kumekucha is a top of the range blog? We all had some serious teenage squabbles in high school. Get a life! Now what next are you going to tell us? That this guy was a noise maker in class? Always in the prefect's list? That he escaped school and went to the nearest town and danced the night away? And got caught sneaking back? That he always had a lot of punishments cutting grass in the teacher's quarters? Got suspended from school at one time maybe? At this rate I see a lot of articles lined up in future. To think of it, are you two working in cahoots just to create articles? Just a thought.

I came across Kumekucha mid last year and I thought "Wow! at long last! Something I can always look forward to reading on the net". Ever since, I try to read Kumekucha's every article. I've never posted a comment though until today. And I've never been so irked until today. Just always sat back and enjoyed them all. I think it is a very good and well written blog despite this latest whatever to call it. Now if only the blogger could stop using it to settle personal teenage scores. And to then try to tangle the same with elective politics?! Are you implying that a lot of mid forties and below aspiring politicians and entrepreneurs are somehow represented in character by this guy? I didn't get that quite clear and I cant stand to read that post again. Oh come on you! Give us a break!

And so dear Kumekucha, the aim of that post was precisely to go back where you said you'd not go. And to elbow this guy some more. Not to draw Kenyans attention to
anything they don't already know. And to think that he's probably logging on to Kumekucha to see what attacks you've launched in reply! Aargh!

You seem to be making an attempt to demystify the Kumekucha blogger. This is a welcome idea but only to some extent. Limit it to the warm grandpa who plays soccer with his young ones. That kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

I concur with mombasa-let the matter is about the present and the future.the past is history and buried.

dj Rik.


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