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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sahel CEO Says That Raila Is God's Choice

As I publish the views of this Kenyan CEO of Sahel books, let me emphasize that I will also publish any similar sentiments from PNU, ODM-K etc. This blog is not an ODM blog as some of our detractors would gleefully like to proclaim at the slightest excuse. -Kumekucha-

Ladies and gentlemen, the Hon. Odinga is God's choice to lead Kenya.

A race that started in the eighties is set to end on the 27th. The Hon. Odinga has given it all he had...and then more. If you took time to look at the way this race has been run, you'll recall the moments when it looked tough. When it was downright dishertening. When giving up seemed like the easier, sensible thing to do. But the Hon. Odinga shouldered on. His love for the nation supereceded the pull of comfort and bliss. And so as we get ready for the elections, you need to have a rationale for doing so. Here is why you'll vote for the Hon. Odinga.

1. First and foremost, the Hon. Odinga loves Kenya. Ladies and gentlemen, we're talking about a man who is an accomplished businessman, a wealthy individual who could afford to sit quietly in his Karen home and watch Kenya dwindle into total chaos. But he won't. Instead, he's been out there, through the Moi dictatorship and the Kibaki treachery, keeping Kenyans hoping for a better day. He led us to Kamukunji, to defeat the Uhuru Project, to defeat te referendum and brought us the concept of primaries. At last, that day is about to dawn on the land we all love.

2. The Hon. Odinga is a man of the people. I've personally watched how Kenyans in the diaspora, even those who disagree with him, react after interacting with him. He won't dazzle you with the oratorical skills of Dr. Martin Luther King or President bill Clinton, but he'll leave you with the sense of a man who has a vision and a place he wants to take Kenya. For the Hon. Odinga, Kenya is not where she needs to be until our children won't go to bed hungry, our workers will be employed gainfully and our communities will live in harmony one with another. The andearing names...Agwambo, Tinga, Hummer...din't fall from te sky. They are people's way of saying, "He's our man." So when someone asks why you'll vote for this man, tell him/her that it's because he cares about the people. Yes, he gives a damn.

3. The Hon. Odinga is incorruptible. You've all heard about Anglo-Leasing, Goldenberg and all the other corrupt dealings invloving people we've entusted with leadership. Needless to say, in the nearly three decades we've been blest to have the Hon. Odinga around, his name has never come up in any provable corruption. There have been attempts to smear him, but you and I know where that came from. So when you get into that booth to vote, remember that you're voting for an untainted man.

4. The Hon. Odinga is an internationalist. You've repeatedly heard insular leaders preach the virtues of keeping Kenya tied up within her borders. That's a recipe for being left behind in a world that's getting smaller and more interconnected. The Hon. Odinga has cultivated and nurtured working relations with leaders all over the world. Should any eventuality arise that requires sister nations around the globe to be with kenya in her time of need, these nations will act faster and with open arms because of Hon. Odinga's friendship.

5. The Hon. Odinga is trustworthy. Unlike his opponent, President Kibaki, the Hon. Odinga is a man of his word. The PNU has worked hard to give the MOUs a bad name. And why not? Wasn't it President Kibaki who signed the original MOU and gladly walked away from it? And wasn't it him who wanted to sign one with vijana and buckled at the last minute? Is this a man to trust? Here's what I know. That when the Hon. Odinga gives you his word, you can take it to the bank. His memory is good. And his intentions are noble. He'll deliver.

6. The Hon. Odinga is a family man. You ask yourself why that matters? Here's why. Did you know that President Moi had a wife? His children didn't come from Nakumatt. They were born. But did we have a first lady? No. Because we were led by a broken family. Then came President Kibaki. The man has Lucy. And the man has Mary. The two women have put us through the kind of drama that I won't talk about here. The point is, a man who can't run a family can't run a nation. So when the time comes to vote, vote for a man who has given us the graceful, the dignified, the motherly and the respectable Ida. With her watching over the big house everything will be just fine. So if you want Kenyans to eat well cooked Ugali, give the oludhkuon to Mama Ida.

Fellow Kenyans, when you walk into that booth on the 27th, keep in mind these six points as you vote for the Hon. Odinga. We want you to feel good and proud about your vote. And remember, bring along everybody you know who has registered to vote to the booth. Let's all participate in wrestling Kenya from the men who have presided over gloom and defeat.

Kindest regards,

Sam Okello
President & CEO
Sahel Books Inc.
P.o. Box 6451
South Bend IN, 46660-6451
Phone: Toll Free: 1.877.297.2435


Anonymous said...

Well put and chronoliged.He sacrificed his life and spent eight years in detention as the other two contenders were lavishing in opulence at their Karen and Muthaiga homes.Meanwhile Moi and his family were specializing in capital flight - amassing a whopping 130 billion dollars in a record 24 years(average of $5.4bn per year).
Only a Raila presidency gives us hope of recovering our looted wealth.GOD save Kenya.

Dj Rik.

branded said...

Yes, Raila is the right man for the Job. Despite all the games being played by the PNU team to distract Raila from focusing at the presidency, WE WILL VOTE HIM IN COME RAIN OR SUNSHINE because we want focused leadership.
God Bless Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Yes ,the truth really hurts some people when the word RAO is mentioned.But for sure he is the RAO said during the first ODM campaign at uhuru park that Its only the ants that can get the snake out of the birds nest.The PNU chaps cannot see defeat coming ,even the most elite.Am sure their eyes are closed like RAO said that we close their eyes so that they cant see.They will find themselve in p.o. box....

Reader - Mombasa said...

Nice piece. All true. Raila has a good family. Don't we just love Ida? She personifies a real dignified first lady for Kenya. Let's not go into some unpleasant scenes we've seen from Lucy in the past. And we need change very badly. I feel this is the first time we're going to have a real Kenya. As in we've never had one all this time since independence.

I'm equally happy for this post because it gives the impression that Kenyan and Kenyan who were wrangling recently have now put that behind them? Or is this just Business? Just a blog post? Hope not.

Tusonge mbele Wakenya. Peace starts with you.

Anonymous said...

I had the privilege of reading Mr Okello's views and I wish to say that I associate myself with these views. Nothing more can be said.

Mundu Mugo
NB: Ignorance and prejudices are not books of reference.

Mama Njau said...

aptly put. can you imagine a man who has no control of his house/wives... no wonder there has been confusion for the past years MK has been in power.

its also true that while RAO was languishing in detention, the other two contenders (and the other presidential hopefuls) were living large in their plush digs.

its about time people thought carefully over whom they are going to vote for and not on tribal lines. Dec 27th is when we shall know who will be having breakfast in the house on the hill on 1st January 2008!

May God bless our country and our generation who are against tribalism and unequal opportunities.

Mapawa said...

Everyone ought to know by now that Raila is the most PATHOLOGICAL liar that Kenyans have ever come into the an encounter with.
There is no way, wherever, that Raila is going to form an all inclusive government that will be voted into the power.
Raila has a pentagon that is devoid of start with. We also dont see any Indian in the team. So what? And so?
Raila, a PATHOLOGICAL liar in his own light, and a POWER HUNGRY Politico, has a way to decept people.
As a Kenya in ground, I will, in all ways and means, ensue that Kenyans of all creeds and deeds will vote him not.

bloggeratti said...

1. First and foremost, the Hon. Odinga loves Kenya.
(I remember one slight remark from RAO set 2 communities at each other's throats in Kibera. Last time I checked that wasn't the definition of love)

2. The Hon. Odinga is a man of the people.
(So was Idi Amin. So was Moi. They connected with the common man on the same level. Look how they turned out.)

3. The Hon. Odinga is incorruptible.
(Tell that to the Molasses Plant. I know you'll say "it was never proven". But I'll say "so was Mutula's money laundering of Abacha's billions." Lesson: the sly ones never get caught)

4. The Hon. Odinga is an internationalist.
(Hobnobing with other nations isn't always a recipe for success. I'm sure UK/US/Germany aren't Mother Teresa's replacements-they have their ulterior motives for Kenya and Raila is playing right into their hands)

5. The Hon. Odinga is trustworthy.
(Like he's never broken promises? Kikuyu-Luo alliance with Matiba? The recent tap dancing around the MOU with muslims? Gimme a break!)

6. The Hon. Odinga is a family man.
(TRUE. Very true. Hon. Raila's kids are some of the best behave politician's kids I've ever seen.)

Bwana Sam Okello, I respect your opinion. But please don't try and make a saint out of a politician!
The only selfless politicians to grace our great country are DEAD. Those left behind are either driven by greed or monumental egos!

Sam Okello said...

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for a respectful and informative discussion. But beyond this discussion, I'm calling on all supporters of the Hon. Odinga to spread the good word about this tireless man. The six points listed above are a solid basis for voting for the Hon. Odinga. Print them, email them, post them to any Kenyan you know. We'll all take a break on the 28th...the day after we'll have set Kenya on an irrovocable path to propserity and greatness.

We're very close!

Sam Okello
Sahel Books Inc

Anonymous said...

Raila, is the man of the moment. Raila's been there, done that! He's the man God has chosen as Mr. Okello eloquently narrates it! I can't wait for Lucy to start a tour with Ida through the big house on a hill come Dec. 27@11.59P.M. Agwambo, keep running...we're almost crossing the jordan...

GOD BLESS KENYA, this our land and nation.

Anonymous said...

Exactly five years ago almost to the day Central kenya was singing Raila's name. While Kibaki was away, he enabled Kibaki's campaign to proceed successfully, Today the same people are shamelessly lying to themselves. It's thing to lie to others but to lie to yourself is sheer ignorance. I can undertsand choosing a candidate of your choice but please acknowledge all the great things Raila has done for Kenya. History will never change.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, you are arrogant....and please dont sue me so that I get banned here...we fear your antics, as you have done previously

Shaddy said...

Mr. Anon, you hide your id! What has arrogance got to do with Mr. Okello's intellectual posting regarding Raila. If you have a bone to pick, do it elsewhere. You are so irrelevant. Discuss issues. If you support Kibaki, or Hoo Ndi Em, tell us your intellectual reasoning. Reasoned minds are not that cheap! They engage in constructive arguments. So lets talk issues here!

Anonymous said...

When they locked him up in solitary confinement, Ida stayed strong...
When they tortured him in detention, Ida was on her knees praying...
When they offered him the Bible in detention, God revealed to him..."You will be the one in 2008,because you have what it takes...IDA"
And so as Sam has summed it, Odinga is the man chosen by God in this moment to deliver Kenya from the Mumbi Household.

Anonymous said...

Raila,is the right man. The other candidates are tainted. The gova used money on goldenberg scam probe. The architect is a vocal voice in KIBAKI TENA. ARTURS were here we raised our voices,MARY KIBAKI AND the daughter were in the fore front. Guys we sung our voices horse in Uhuru park,yote yawezekana bila Moi,how short is our memory? As MOI turned into a saint overnight? Kibaki has failed Kenya.

Maina said...

Raila is obviously not an angel. Being human he has his strengths and weaknesses. That said,no one can say that he did not play a crucial role in the removal of the dictatorship that Moi and his ilk represented. In fact Kibaki owes his presidency to Raila. We gave Kibaki a chance but he failed the expectations of the majority of Kenyans. I do not understand why Kibaki should ask Kenyans for another chance when he has let them down so badly. It is only fair that this time round the presidency should go to Raila so that he can also prove himself.
Indeed I believe that Raila is God's choice for this season.

Odhiambo said...

Okello supports Odinga. Strange? Not really. Just give Luos this chance to rule Kenya. It is our time now.


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