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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Moi's planned meeting with Marianne (Kenya Betrayed)

Chapter 31

Moi put down the phone..... what does this mean? Is Nicholas really crazy enough to try to kill Marianne? And in my presence? Has he become that much insane? .....

He walked to his bedroom, picked up the secure line, then dialed. The instant Mutula Kilonzo answered, he blurted, "The meeting cannot go through."

"What? Why not?"

Cough, "Bad things could happen."

"So you want me to cancel?"

"No. Let the Committee believe that I am still meeting Marianne."

"So what are we doing then?"

"We just don't appear." .....Click .....


Over at Parliament Buildings, Chairman Sunguh got the Committee going. Today, the witnesses were low-key. They covered a lot of ground in just a few hours.

By 4:00 p.m., they adjourned.


Bozo, from his Korogocho hide-out, called Bad Boy and Osiris. He told them, plans were changing. He filled them in on their new roles, taking care to warn that Moi would be in that vicinity, so everything had to be done with military precision.


Like I had promised to Sandra, I called the German Embassy in Nairobi and was assured of protection should I need it.

Since I had dual nationality - Swiss and German - and they knew about the risks I was taking, the Embassy informed me that they had already received 'green light' from Berlin granting me the status of utmost security.

They assured me to be at my disposal and would also get into contact with me immediately should they receive information regarding any security risk.


The following day I was awake by 6:00 a.m. This was the D-day. Later this afternoon, I was going to fly from Malaga to Zurich and from there a few hours later to Nairobi. My ticket was ready. My luggage was pretty much ready too.

The only thing that was not in place yet was the security at Jomo Kenyatta Inernational Airport and during my stay in Nairobi. I had asked Chairman Sunguh about it and he had promised me to get back.

He had not called up to now .....

I made a mental note regarding this.

Sweeping away the comforter, I sat on the bed for a while, then decided it was time to get going. I went into the bathroom, took a quick shower, brushed my teeth - then got back into the bedroom to dress.

Before I drew the curtains to see what the weather looked like. I was stunned. The sun was just getting up and painted the Mediterranean Sea with a pinkish glow. I turned on the TV to check what they were saying: Sunny, but cold.....

I decided to make a real 'English' breakfast and just as I was cracking the eggs for the omelette, the phone rang..... at six-thirty? ..... I answered it.

It was a quite upset Dr. Njoroge Mungai, "Why do I have to find out via the Media that you are coming to Nairobi?"

"I thought I would call you when I am there ..... kind of surprising you ..... because I want to see you while I am there. Do you think, this will be possible?"

"It depends - where are you staying?"

"Sunguh did not tell me yet. But I will call you and let you know. Will you also come to the Hearing?"

"I would like to - but maybe it would attract too much publicity if I would also attend. But I will for sure follow it on the Television. You know that there will be a life transmissation on all channels?"

"Sunguh told me about that."

"Anyway, I do not think that I will be able to help you with your evidence. There is not much I know about this matter. I told you already at that time that this Molasses Plant was a project tainted by the involvement of too many politicians. You and also Dr. Ouko should have never tried to get involved...... you should have also been much more careful with the people you were dealing with. Remember, I had warned you more than once - but you did not want to listen ..... by the way, did Sandra tell you that I am now also growing roses? In fact my company is already one of the biggest and well-known all over the world. We have just been proclaimed the winner as the best company of Agriculture, Food and Beverages in all Africa by the renowned South African University of Stellenbosch's Africa Centre for Investment..... I told Sandra about this new venture last time I had dinner with her in Zurich. I explained to her - and I am sure you are smiling now like she did - that it was most appropriate for me to exchange politics for flowers, governing for business and United Nations for roses."

I laughed loud, "Yes, Sandra told me about it. She liked your explanation. You know that she actually told me that now she understands me why I had fallen in love with you..... she admires especially your sense of humor. She is very happy about your contacts."

"I am happy too. She is very intelligent and very beautiful. I only hoped, she and Philipp could decide to come to Kenya and live here."

"I hope so too. But I am not sure that it would be advisable at the moment."

"Let's bring this Ouko thing behind us and we will talk again. Just be careful what you say - but stay to the truth."

When I did not reply, he must have sensed how depressed I suddenly had become, so he added, "To cheer you up ..... just remember something I wrote to you only a short while ago ..... I told you that I hope that one day, you will come back to Africa and then you and me, Sandra and Philip, will go together to the spot facing Mt. Kenya, the land of Kenyatta ..... this is still valid. Just think about it and how wonderful it would be."

Finally he got me smiling because as usual he had found the right words, "Thank you..... I also hope, it will come true. Anyway, I will call you when I am in Nairobi. Let's try to meet."

"I will see that I can do ..... and if the Committee agrees. In the meantime, give my regards to Sandra. I am sure, she will see off in Zurich?"

"Yes, she will be at the airport."

"Have a good flight. And remember, be very careful in Nairobi."

"I will. Good bye and thank you."

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