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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Quick Quiz: Do You Know Where William Kabogo Lives?

During my brief absence, one very interesting piece of information I came across concerns controversial immediate former Juja legislator William Kabogo. I always thought that the guy lives somewhere near Thika or at the very least in Nairobi.

Actually he lives in Mombasa in a palatial house that I saw hidden deep in the leafy Nyali suburb. The house is right next to a bush that was cleared for his helicopter to be landing as he returns almost daily to his “palace”. A neighbor tells me that the helicopter has not landed in the bush for quite a while and the cleared vegetation has started growing again, and so nobody seems to know where it lands these days. But Kabogo still lives in the huge imposing house and is regularly seen in a car coming and going.

Neighbours inform me that the house was a spectacle to watch when it was being constructed. Kabogo would quite often order entire walls to be demolished and re-constructed and it seems that he continued to design his house and make adjustments even as construction was going on.

The house boasts of a huge theatre, a gym, swimming pool and every amenity you can think of. The grey rare stones used to construct it are said to have been imported from Israel. There is no doubt that the house is very unique and extremely impressive, although a lot of it is hidden from passersby by a very high perimeter wall.

Meanwhile on the political front, my informants on the ground assure me that Mr Kabogo will have absolutely no problem winning back his Juja parliamentary seat despite stiff competition. The immediate former legislator who was in the 9th parliament courtesy of the Sisi Kwa Sisi party was shown in TV news clips a few hours ago, addressing his constituents and assuring them that his name would definitely be in the ballot paper for the constituency while arrogantly claiming that both PNU and ODM bigwigs have desperately been courting him.


How did William Kabogo Gitau (he celebrated his 47th birthday on 4th April this year) make his money? This remains a mystery. But even more fascinating is the link between Kabogo and John Harun Mwau. The two legislators are related by marriage. Kabogo is married to Mwau's daughter and so calls the embattaled Kilome MP his father-in-law.

But it is deeper than that because the two are actually very close business associates. One can only guess the kind of business they deal in that has brought them such untold riches. Kabogo graduated from the university of Nairobi penniless only to get stinking wealthy overnight.


karispapa said...

Kabogo has a house in Lavington, fully furnished and as exquisite as the one in Nyali but slightly smaller. He has a block of flats too in that 'hood. He is also building a house in Maboromoko estate in thika where his rivals (GT) folks live....

Anonymous said...

kabogo live in mombasa yes but he has an apartment in riverside drive.i know this from his very flashy son

Anonymous said...

Did you know that George Thuo A candidate in juja has made six companys come down while he was an MD? I hope that the people of Juja will vote him out this time even after stealing the nominations. You shoul show him the dow before Juja Goes down like KBS and the other companies.

A Kabogo said...

To Anonymous,

Since when did i tell you we have an Apartment in Riverside!!!
Guys get a life and stop trashing peoples names!!!!

A. Kabogo

Izmoto said...

GT has lost the juja seat!

Anonymous said...

we in juja are not interestd in kabogo ,who i can define as a cowboy for an MP.Am not ready to vote in a DRUG DEALER.We are having an 'OPERATION MA TEMBE OUT',Hatutaki walanguzi wa madawa ya kulevya hapa juja.

Anonymous said...

My uncle is nt a drug dealer.....get a life guyz nkt

Anonymous said...

I luv your uncle kabogo!he is very handsome and seems romantic and sexy.

Anonymous said...

We will meet face to face one day & i will proof you wrong.


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