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Friday, November 09, 2007

Kenyans Speak Bluntly About Elections 2007

I love nothing more than going out to chat politics with ordinary folks from all walks of life. This time I managed to get some pretty good comments from PNU strongholds as well. What I have done below is to give you all the comments and opinions I got right across the political divide. Many were unprintable, even in kumekucha.

Before I list the comments, I would like to appeal to all Kumekucha readers for support to launch a Middle ground movement to sell the idea to Kenyans that whichever side wins, life must continue. One thing I was able to sense is that to many people if their side does not win, there will be no Kenya left which is pure nonsense.

Having said that, let me emphasize once again that there is a lot of suffering going on in the rural areas of Kenya and whichever candidate wins, they should address this problem as a top priority. It is OK for the economy to grew, but surely we cannot turn a blind eye to milions of starving Kenyans, especially when they are in such high numbers.

If Raila wins the presidency, there will be no peace in Kenya. Nairobi will be full of stone throwers 24/7. The capital city will also be moved to Kisumu. Luos will sh** on our heads.
Dagoretti, Nairobi.

There are enough young progressive people in Dagoretti to ensure a KJ victory irrespective of which party ticket he stands with.
Dagoretti, Nairobi.

If KJ stands with the Mujaruo party (ODM) he will not get any votes.
Dagoretti, Nairobi.

Beth Mugo in the 10th parliament!! Is the earth flat?
Dagoretti, Nairobi.

The day I hear Kibaki has won the election is the day I will pack my bags and leave Kenya, most probably for Tanzania. Not because I hate the guy, but because Kenyans cannot take another 6 months of Kibakism. There will be matata shortly after a Kibaki victory.
Dagoretti, Nairobi

People will die in large numbers in Langata constituency in the forthcoming polls because the area people will not allow any of the outsiders who have been registered to vote. So who will take responsibility for the deaths?
Dagoreti, Nairobi.

You cannot rule a country and take the people for granted and then at the last minute start distributing goodies to appease them. Kenyans are not children. I am certain that mzee Kibaki is going back home to Othaya to rest after 27th Dec.
Changamwe, Mombasa.

The NSIS must have told Kibaki that he is losing. Even the mad man in our Market knows that. But he is still in the race. He is a very proud man and so I ask myself what exactly is he up to when he must know he is losing? This is what should worry Kenyans a lot.
Machakos, Kenya

I am sure Kalonzo will win. Just consider the following; Kibaki is out and most Kenyans cannot vote for Raila. So who does that leave?
Machakos, Kenya.

Even if I wanted, I cannot vote for Raila because if I do, my elderly mother will remove all her clothes and that is a very bad curse in our community. The reason she will do this is because in our community we cannot vote for people who have not been cut (circumsized).
Tharaka Nthi, man living in Changamwe

These people trying to play dirty against Raila should know that Raila also knows more dirty tricks than they do. Come what may, Raila will win in Langata. People will die but Raila will win.
Kibera, Nairobi.

These people (the Kikuyu) want to rule Kenya forever. Why must it be them every time? Why? Why? Why?
Changamwe, Mombasa.

The day Raila is announced President; I will take a holiday and go to Nairobi for one week. It will be the happiest day of my life.
Luo lady living in Changamwe, Mombasa

You are wasting your time, young man. Nobody ever fought the government of Kenya and won. Kibaki is coming back as president. We don’t like him but there is nothing anybody can do about it. Just wait and see the rigging that will happen. You ddi nothing when Moi did it and you will certainly do nothing when Kibaki does it.
Changamwe, Mombasa.

Mark my words. Whichever MP (it doesn’t matter who they are) makes it back to parliament this time. They should kneel down, thank God and take a big gift to their church. They should also sacrifice something like not sleep with a woman for one week. My point is that they’ll not be many of them.
Machakos, Kenya.


gits said...

The day Kibaki will be announced as the winner, I will thank God 4 having Mercy on our country.SURE

Anonymous said...

let there be piece in our Nation n let our overconfindence or our illitracy leads as to seperarion of GOD'S MERCY.


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