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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two APs Caught Red-Handed Distributing Anti-Raila Hate Posters

With just 28 days to go to the mother of all Kenyan general elections, a dramatic and mind-numbing new twist made its’ grand entry into the unfolding drama.

A number of people including two Administration Policemen were caught red handed in Rift Valley distributing anti-Raila hate propaganda posters. And even as this bizarre incident unfolded police headquarters was busy denying that any such posters existed and said that they were unaware of any such distribution, hitting out at Prof Anyang Nyong’o for “spreading self-seeking damage control propaganda”. The folks at police headquarters have now become experts on party propaganda and publicity-seeking tactics and every single statement of denial now includes that pet subject of the police commissioner and his lieutenants at Vigilance House. It will be interesting to hear what they say in reaction to the latest arrests.

Oddly enough the APs confessed to interrogators that they had received their orders to distribute the posters from a superior, actually some SSP (senior Superintend of police) whom they even named.

Even more interesting is the fact that an anonymous reader tipped off Kenyans right here in Kumekucha about the said posters even as they were leaving Nairobi for distribution in Rift Valley.

It would appear that there is a very loud message coming from the people of Kenya. It seems that they are saying they want a clean break with the past where such dirty missions were kept secret as those involved looked the other way. The fact that the 2 APS were arrested clearly implies that a number of Kenyans refused to look the other way and pushed for action to be taken. It is highly likely that all those involved in exposing the heinous actions of today are civil servants.

Earlier today a Kumekucha source who rode on a Matatu today said that he was taken aback and very surprised at what he describes as the anti-government venom they witnessed in a Matatu that included at least 20 per cent of persons who appeared to government sympathizers.

Here’s how he describes the incident in his own words;

Everything was quite in this matatu until somebody turned to a colleague and loudly started proclaiming the main PNU slogan. The first to react was an elderly woman in her 70s.

“What are you saying about kazi iendelee young man, when Kenyans are suffering so much?”

That provoked a heated one-sided debate as the man who had originally set the ball rolling kept silent with a slight smile on his face.

The tout complained how they worked so hard these days and had nothing to show for it and how Moi was a much better president because the common man was able to easily earn an honest living during his tenure.

The heated monologue was still going on when I reached my destination and alighted from the Matatu.

What struck me in that vehicle Chris, was the deep anger and frustration expressed by ordinary folks and it all seemed to be directed at the current government. For the sake of those who will read this if you publish it in Kumekucha. Let me honestly say that there was no single Luo in that matatu. But you could tell who the PNU sympathizers were. Apart from the person who spoke, there were two other gentlemen who kept silent as virtually everybody else let their frustrations out.

This kind of thing personally makes me very nervous. This “anger” said to be in the hearts of some Kenyans against the current government is not a good thing. How would they react if for example PNU won the elections?

There are those who believe that this “anger” has been fanned and incited by ODM leaders as part of their strategy in campaigning. In fact this anger was first seen during the referendum of 2005 when ODM leaders went round the country telling the people all sorts of lies about the proposed new constitution.

ODM sympathizers would be the first to vehemently deny this and will point to the fact that PNU leaders have been the ones who have provoked ordinary folk by painting a rosy picture of the country and President Kibaki’s achievements when most Kenyans are struggling very badly.

To me the argument of where the anger came from is of little significance when you compare this to the possible damage that could be done prior to and after the December 27th polls. Every peace loving Kenyan has reason to be extremely worried.


Tom Mwendwa said...

It's not difficult to explain the [growing] anger. The oft touted 7% or whatever % growth means absolutely nothing to the more than 50% of Kenyans living in abject poverty. In fact I wonder why PNU goes on about it ad nauseam when there's little evidence of it outside the capital. Add to the biting poverty, images of our 'caring' president having his pals around for a nightcap at 1m shillings a head and you have the perfect recipe for political suicide.

Mundu Mugo said...

Come on, ati why are Kenyans angry?

For one, you need to appreciate that it is not just Kenyans in Kenyan who are angry with MK. For instance, for me, I have been out of Kenya for about 6 years and I am very angry/annoyed with MK and yet I have not suffered under his rule.

This is why, when I was at the local university, I missed a bullet by whisker when we were demonstrating for a new constitution. The question is, why did we risk our lives? For MK and his clonies to get and enjoy power? No, No, we knew what we wanted and it has nothing to do with ODM. We will not stop until we get what we risked our lives for.

Yours truly

Mundu Mugo

NB: Ignorance and prejudice are not books of reference.

Anonymous said...

first,i do not understand what dick morris is helping the ODM with because tables are turning and they are turning rapidly in favour of PNU since the emergence of dick morric.
secondly RAO is either exhausted or he is waiting for an opportune moment to counter propaganda by PNU.
Third RAO should tell kenyans why the three richest famillies in kenya(kenyatta,Moi and Kibakis) are ganging up against the rest of kenya.Why does it take kibaki over 35 years to gain 6.5% economy growth,is this what they taught him in London school of economics or was he never in class.And i am very sorry chris,taabu and the rest but steadman has some truth in it.I have been to the village and talked to some wazee.You guys know very well that if wazee vote PNU then the Mamas will vote PNU.Come up this some concrete plans for RAO quick.

bloggeratti said...

Kenyans hunger for the "easy street" will never cease to amaze me.

Economic recovery is never easy.
You've got two choices, the hard way and the dead end. The hard way is what we're going through right now. And (surprise, surprise) its bound to get worse!
The "dead end" is cavorting with foreign powers to fund our recovery - we'll be on "easy street" for a couple of years until its time to pay up the debt.
A practical example: during the fall of the Asian tigers, Malaysia went the other way. They suffered, but look at them now.

I'd understand the apathy at the fat-cats, especially those who showed up for the 1 million-a-plate lunch.
But lets face it guys, you can't live without them. Idi Amin tried, Mugabe tried. Y'all know the pathetic endings of those two.
I always advocate for a third way. How about trickling down the benefits of this growth by addressing labour issues comprehensively (Kenya has one of the most oppressed work forces this side of the Sahara).

You better quit complaining now coz things are about to get worse. Oil's prices are winking at $100 mark. You know how oil makes everything go up. What solution do the Maisha Bora-lets out there have for that, eh?

I've been a Kenyan long enough to know how fickle and short-sited we can be.

My parting comments?
1. Don't be fooled into thinking a change of government will solve things. We still got a couple of years roaming around the desert before we find the promised land.

2. Like I've said before, a pack of demons led by an angel is still a pack of demons. Politicians have been playing musical chairs on us for so long, its sickening!

macs34 said...

For the guy who happened to have told us what happened when he was in the matatu.... thank you so much. now you have jst let the cat out of the bag!~!

I happened to be a lucky dude who ws taught some statistics and something in ME(Monitoring & Evaluations) in Britain which relate more to the Researches by the opinion polls. I listen/read to people asking; where do they get their research? for those who are lucky few and thanks to Kumekucha, research of the opinion polls happens like what was in the Matatu. a guy gives an argument and the rest picks the line. this can happen in a taxi, matatu, a bar, the shoe shiner's the streets and any public gathering.

the next time you hear or read now RAO is 65.20%over MK, dont ask how but remember the small argument you heard started by someone either you know or you don't... and either you participated in it or not..

Unlike before when someone had to come with pencil and lords of papers asking you how many children are in your home, are there any disabled or mentally challenged persons! today technology supersedes that. and that listening devices are there!

This doesnt mean that I support the Steadman's polls; esp. the last one!

sorry for the novel!

Mwenda said...

Hold Presidents to Account

Kibaki needs to be held to account by a vigilant electorate.
Am from Meru where the people are fanatical about Kibaki and I simply don't understand why. I fail to understand how rational human beings can support a president under whose watch Anglo leasing took place, failed to act to stop corruption brought to his attention in the Githongo dossier, took no action on the Arthur Brother's scandal, condoned the Standard raid and Nation siege by Lucy, filed his cabinet with arrogant and very insensitive ministers, now has Moi & sons and Biwott as supporters etc. If we re-elect Kibaki, we'll be sending the wrong message to future Presidents that it doesn't matter what you do while in power.
Am intending to vote against Kibaki in December and am convinced that by so doing, I'll not only be helping create accountability in politics, I'll also be demonstrating that some Kenyans can rise above tribal inclinations and vote their conscious. Am more determined this time than I was in 2002 when we kicked Moi out. To me Raila or Kalonzo, despite their shortcomings, are better than Kibaki and deserve a chance. If Raila or Kalonzo win but fail to deliver, we will be back to the polls in 5 yrs time to send them packing and give somebody else a chance to prove their worth. That is the essence of democracy. Right now am routing for the Oranges and I hope they will distance themselves from Kibaki's ways when they get in power.

Yvonne said...

I thought we were supposed to comment on the two APs who were caught with their pants down. It might be propaganda or proper agenda so what? The PNU fellows should start asking themselves who the enemy within is coz definately there are people in their team who are passing their secrets out and thus makes them less smarter and anything they try backfires on them and they end up looking like a lad who is caught with sugar on his lips but outrightly denying licking sugar.

On a lighter note this govt has worked hard trust me, but the work that they have tirelessly worked for, for the past 4 years has been shoved down the drain not by the domos, but they themselves by simple acts of impunity. The Nairobi town clerk said that all the achievements that they have made have gone down the drain in only two months. Kenya has been transformed in to a free country every one does what he or she feels is right and they feel nothing.Therefore making remarks as "My government will have no sacred cows and roadside declarations will be a thing of the past" were just but.... wishful thinking. People may stand and say Ooh this ooh that, the guys is a hands off guy, the way Uhuru described him during the referendum (hands off, legs off, eyes off) Yeah right but as Truman rightly put it "the buck stops with me" So with those executive powers that he has the president can reverse those acts of impunities that have been carried by his men and women....for example putting Wanjala in and throwing the key in the ocean or was that domo, knowing that a govt car never leaves the parking lot without the one given the car signs out a travel sheet. Mr. Michuki accompanying the president to Molo and forgets to inform him about the situation in Kuresoi which is just some kilometeres away. So believe me some of this things are not domos but are just facts that even a primary school kid who has benefited from free primary education will (lol) laugh out loudly. So with those few remarks let me say na Kazi iendelee


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