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Monday, November 12, 2007

My animals need me (Kenya Betrayed)

Chapter 32

I went back into the kitchen und continued with my omelette. But before it was ready, my phone rang again.

"It's Troon."

"Nice of you to call."

"I had to. What time are you leaving?"

"I'll fly out at 4:30 p.m."

He kept quiet. He could fully understand why I was going to Kenya. Why this trip was so important for me.

"You have a message for Biwott?" I asked, teasing him.

He laughed, "The message I have for that murderer, I would rather like to pass to him myself."

"Then what may I do for you?"

"It's not much. All I am asking is that you lay a firm foundation for the truth to come out. Should the Committee agree to sit in London, I will build on your work in Kenya. I will back up your testimony, make it crystal clear who killed Dr. Ouko and why he was killed. I will present a detailed chronology of the events, tie Dr. Ouko's death inextricably not only to the Molasses Plant but mainly to the Corruption Report he had painstakingly written."

I flipped my omelette, "Sounds excellent."

"Then let's play it like that," Supt. Troon said.

"We will."

I got the omelette off the stove and set it on the side, "Supt. Troon, I intend to have this Ouko tragedy finally resolved. Once it is resolved, and once Kenyans have a more responsible Government, I could even go back and complete some of the projects my company started to work on."

"That would be fantastic."

I liked his optimism and then said, "While I have you on the line, did you ever have been told about the real extent of projects my company was willing to undertake?"

He hesitated. He did not want to hurt my feelings, but knowing he had to be candid, he said, "You know, they tried to paint your company to me as a fñy by night company ..... did you know that?"

"I did."

"And you still believe, you have a chance in Kenya?"

"I do," I said, "I have a chance, but that is not the issue. The issue is - will the Kenyans have another chance?"

"I hope, they do."

"When I am done telling my story, explaining to the Kenyans the role the late Dr. Ouko played in helping secure funds for projects not only in his region but across the whole country, and when I am done exposing the devilish kickback schemes the likes of Biwott, Prof. Saitoti and their friends had put in place, I can assure you that I will have another chance."

He liked that ..... go for it, Marianne!

"Then the Kenyans will have another chance, too." I repeated.

I heard him drawing a deep breath. "Good luck, Marianne. Remember to say everything. Let's make Dr. Ouko proud. And let's try to put back a smile on Christabel's face."

"I will do my best."

"Have a safe trip ....". .....Click.....


Since the letter by the Kenyan Government giving Philipp permission to accompany me to Kenya had arrived indicating that he was also allowed to carry his own pistol but did not as requested state that he was also authorized to use his weapon should such a case arise, his Superiors had decided that the whole matter was too risky from the legal point of few - and had sent him on another assignment miles across the globe.

"You are already there?" I asked, stunned.

Only two days ago, when we last spoke together, there had been no indication that he would be called to a different location halfway around the world that soon. But that's what had happened.

"Do you know when you may be back home?" I asked.

"No. Seems like we will take it a day at a time."

I knew what that meant ..... he was on special duty accompanying some high-profile politician.

He then continued, "I just called to wish you a safe trip. I hope, the Germans will take care of you."

"They will," I assured him.

For a moment, he said nothing. Finally, aware that there was nothing else he could do about my travel arrangements, he asked, "Sandra will be at the Airport to se you off?"

"She will," I confirmed.

Philipp's breath caught, "Pass my regards to her. Tell her, I love her very much."

"I will."

"As for you, we will talk when you come back from Nairobi. Be safe!"

"I promise - bye for now." ..... Click .....


"I am leaving for work, Mami. Are you still travelling?"

I smiled as I listened to Sandra's question, "What makes you think, I would change my mind?"


"I have none."

"The possibility to get killed?"

"I try not to think about that."

"Anyway," Sandra paused, then finally said, "I am off to work right now. My animals need me. I guess, we will meet at Kloten-Airport."

"Have a good day, sweetheart."

"I love you, Mami."


..... my animals need me .....

As I put back the phone, I remembered these words ..... my animals ..... they brought joy to my heart. I recalled how Sandra's love for animals had started.

It was at the game parks in Kenya ..... Moi and a little girl sharing the same feelings for the wildlife and beautiful landscapes of Kenya .....

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