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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Election Violence Weapons Found In Assistant Minister’s Car

Kenyans voters are still numb with shock even as they seek answers from a very bizarre incident that took place late last night.

Acting on a tip off police did what they would usually not do. They stopped an Assistant Minister’s official GK vehicle and searched it. It is what they found inside that has shocked the nation. There was an assortment of crude weapons including Pangas, whips and arrows. Dozens of them. Eye witnesses say that there were slightly over 200 whips!!

Reports indicate that suspicious Nakumatt Supermarket staff (where some of the crude weapons were purchased) were suspicious and quickly tipped off the police who swung into action.

The vehicle and assorted crude weapons are detained at a Nakuru police station. The government (GK number plates) vehicle was headed for Western Kenya at the time the police made their shocking discovery. The vehicle belongs to assistant minister for Water Raphael Wanjala of the PNU party. Mr Wanjala is the immediate former MP for the floods prone Bundalangi constituency.

There are numerous questions that beg for answers. Who financed the purchase of the weapons and what was the real objective of the election violence which the weapons were aimed at perpetrating?

For a long time now many analysts have insisted that election violence, like the so called land clashes that flare up only when an election is around the corner, are usually sponsored by prominent politicians. Now clear evidence to support this suspicion has been unearthed. More so in an election that is proving to be the most violent ever.


Anonymous said...

Arrows and whips are not used for farming! These weapons were meant for those innocent women and children dancing mwana wa mbere in campaign rallies

tom said...

how it is possible for anyone to have such points they could be basing their campaign on and let everything slip. For instance why they're not vehemently condemning (beyond campaign, morality dictates so), the recent Wanjala case, a vehicle parked with crude weapons, and next to them PNU campaign sheets. Any fool can put 1+1 together and see what it's all about.
Well, my own opinion is that the Pentagon is finally going to be its own undoing. The idea of a "leader " from each province was noble as it made the pentagon look like an across the country outfit. The downside is probably that "everyone" wanted to lead, and so with too many recipes, the dish is finally just not cutting. I remember posting here asking why immediately after the Kasarani vote they didn't sit down to document a condensed formencompassing all their visions? (it was yanked, as it was in answer to somebody else's posting). To be totally honest, I think the popularity that the electorate has been expressing for them is first thru anti Kibaki sentiments (disappointed by the five year failure), and secondly tribal driven(each seeing their man up there). This should have been more than enough to maintain the 50% lead, without even trying to add anything. The goofing began with the too many cooks syndrome. Particularly on the day "Majimbo" was on the menu. I still believe majimbo isn't a bad concept. Problem is, with too many people trying to explain it, (and in a quasi improvised way), they came thru as amateurs, and their opponents used this to demonise the concept and that's where the downhill movement began.
Second case of too many cooks is undoubtedly the primary nominations. With each cook trying to take care of their provincial recipe, we saw what we saw, and this said in the media, on TV, and on local radios.
All is not yet lost though, as first they're leading, and secondly, there're points they could objectively inssit on to win the elections.Insecurity (Mungiki, Mt Elgon) and now war waging Lords à la Wanjala. Increase in basic commodity prices over the last 5 years, corruption (although not so credible given thea some have tainted records), devoultion of power, the incredulous aspct of Kibaki now running with Uhuru who was his challenger in 2002, Kibaki ni mzee (truth of the matter), nepotism (palce of Lucy Kibaki in government) and manybe Raila needs to honestly tell people how he'll organsie the economy in order to implement his promises. I liked the idea of improving the infrastructure (he could surf on his being an engineer), which in turn makes trasport of goods cheaper and faster, increase production, market, and thus boost the economy.
I said here before, some elections, are lost and not won. In other words, pentagon might be serving Kibaki on a silver try, without him having to try too hard.

Yvonne said...

Duh.... Tom

Try and be enlightened on civil servants rules and protocol and i do really fail to understand where Majimbo and Pentagon are coming in.. i guess Railaphobia. usamehewe naa kazi iendelee


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