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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mwalimu Mati And Others Arrested For Objecting To MP's Robbing The Treasury

Step Aside Jack Bower, Here Comes Agent Kaluki Ngilu

There was high drama in Nairobi last night that contained more than enough scenes to create several episodes of 24—the popular world famous TV drama.

In the whole Nairobi drama, health Minister Charity Ngilu was agent Jack Bower—the star of the 24 TV drama and the guy who often achieves the impossible.

The Health Minister who is a sharp contrast to her neighboring constituency parliamentarian colleague, Kalonzo Musyoka walked into the police station snatched activist Ann Njogu (who was being held by police) and walked her into her official Mercedes car. She cheekily told policemen in the hearing of the press; "I am not taking her anywhere."

Policemen, some of them armed to the teeth, desperately tried to stop agent Ngilu to no avail. As Ngilu's official Mercedes vehicle made for the gate of the Central police station at high speed, one of the overweight policemen repeatedly shouted loudly in an accented voice;

"Funga Ngait"

"Funga Hio Ngait" (Close the gate)

It was too late, with tyres screeching agent Ngilu made it to through the gate where a uniformed policeman stood bravely in front of the vehicle on Harry Thuku Road trying to stop it from proceeding any further. Ngilu revved the engine and somehow got through without running the policeman over. Several officers rushed ahead and stopped vehicles in an effort to create a traffic jam so as to trap the Health Minsiter's car in traffic. That didn't work either and agent Ngilu's car snaked through the traffic and disappeared into the cold Nairobi night.

The minister's driver who was receiving instructions from the minister herself was driving the car.

Now this is the place where the last few seconds tick off as the 24 logo fills the screen and you have to wait for a whole week to find out what happens next. Fortunately in our case we will not have to wait that long. In the next few hours there should be a development in this riveting saga.

As you read this, police have launched a massive manhunt opps, (or is it womanhunt) for Hon Mrs Charity Kaluki Ngilu and Ann Njogu. Incidentally this morning Ann Njogu's husband was charged in court with aiding in his wife's escape from police custody.

Oh, but wait, there is another high drama that had earlier taken place in parliament buildings a few hours earlier. Mwalimu "irrevocable promissory notes" Mati and other members of the civil society and concerned Kenyans had staged a peaceful demonstration (can you imagine Mwalimu Mati being violent? Impossible) outside parliament buildings. They were protesting against the huge bonus MPs are planning to pay themselves at the end of their term this year. Policemen arrested them on the flimsy grounds that their demonstration was not licensed. As the police car sped away it was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle. The arrested brave Kenyans had to be rushed to Aga Khan Hospital where some of them were hospitalized under heavy police guard, as I post this I have established that none of them was in danger and they were being treated for mostly bruises and knocks taken in the head-on collision.

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