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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

As Nairobi Burnt… ODM Continued Their Squabble Over The Party's Presidential Nomination

As Agent Kaluki Ngilu was doing Kenyans proud, ODM presidential hopefuls were busy discussing (actually the right word here is squabbling) over which one of them should be president.

The latest in this circus for those who have not heard, is that Kalonzo Musyoka, David Musila and JJ Kamotho have defected from LDP to the Labour Party Of Kenya, which is headed by Julia Ojiambo. Some angry ODM supporters were heard to quip that Kalonzo has now hidden himself behind the skirts of Prof Ms Ojimabo. Incidentally news of the defection came through just hours before the high drama that ended in agent "Jack Bower" Ngilu rescuing Ann Njogu from the Central Police Station.

I find myself really repeating myself on the following point too much these days, but it is a fact—ODM so-called luminaries are very good at fighting for their own selfish rights but very meek when it comes to fighting for the rights of the ordinary mwananchi. If they demonstrated for a mere piece of paper (and yet there is no urgency or crisis, even now over 6 months later, for not having an ODM certificate of registration), why did they not demonstrate over the hiking of Sugar to over Kshs 100 per kilo for no good reason? Or for the dozens of other injustices that ordinary Kenyans have faced this year, including the Mathare massacre, the so-called tribal clashes, as well as their own plan to give themselves a golden handshake at the end of their term which has landed several brave Kenyans into police custody etc. Actually common sense dictates that you cannot demonstrate against yourself. The Bill that the MPs wanted to sneak through parliament has received wide support across all political parties including ODM. The game plan is for MPs to call press conferences distancing themselves from the "heinous bill" and then vigorously support it in the house. Remember how MPs were opposed to legislation paving way for live TV and radio coverage of debate in the house? Now you know why, if you didn't know already.

Incidentally the said registration certificate of ODM that was won at such great sacrifice (Hon Kalonzo attended his very first demonstration since he was born) is now the subject of controversy within ODM and some people are saying that they have received death threats after they rejected great huge cash enticements to release the said certificate.

I hereby dedicate today's posts to the following;
- "agent Jack Bower" Ngilu,
- Mwalimu "irrevocable promissory notes" Mati,
- The ODM registration certificate.

Let the last dedication be a kionjo (taste of things to come) to Kenyans as to what they should expect if they make the same mistakes of 2002 at this year's polls. We have to do something different this time, folks.

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