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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Obscure Political Party Is Suddenly Famous For The Wrong Reasons

ODM presidential hopeful Julia Ojiambo is also the chairperson of LPK (Labor Party of Kenya) a constituent party of the opposition alliance (it is not a coalition kwani you guys did not attend the Uhuru Kenyatta lecture?).

Little was known about this obscure party until the defection of one Kalonzo Musyoka earlier in the week from Raila Odinga's LDP to Ms Ojiambo's LPK.

Raila Odinga says quite rightly that there was an ad in the Daily Nation by LPK asking interested presidential candidates to present themselves for election. On those grounds Raila says that Kalonzo's defection is a defection out of ODM because actions of LPK are contrary to the ODM constitution.

Today Prof Julia Ojiambo called a press conference, her first in recent memory to tell of Raila and advice him to keep the "presidential tensions" between him and Kalonzo Musyoka out of LPK. She then reiterated that her LPK is still very much a part of ODM. Interestingly the good lady said nothing about the ad in the Nation Raila referred to.

And so the circus and comedy of errors in ODM continues.

Not that Narc Kenya are doing any better. If Noah Wekesa is to be believed (and he is speaking with so much authority these days and all indications are that he has the president's ear) then President Kibaki will stand for president with a new party called Narc Original.

Oh sorry, the latest (Wekesa said earlier today) is that he has promised to come up with a name sounding much better than Narc. I suggest the following; Narc Dot Com, Narc Yenyewe, Narc Damu, Narc Sunguru Mjanja, Narc Con, Narc Tepeli ya wananchi etc…
Or for the sake of the rural folk who have problems pronouncing some of these things NAKA Yenyewe!

John Githongo rudi haraka.

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