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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kumekucha's Statement About Controversial Murungaru Post

Never has a post caused so much heat as that controversial re-appoint-Murungaru post that appeared here 2 days ago.

(Strange when it was clearly marked right at the top and in bold; Warning: This a tongue-in-the cheek post). Thanx Phil, you appear to be the only person who noticed it.

One thing that you my dear readers have to help me understand is what the differenece there is between Kiraitu Murungi being returned to the cabinet and indeed Daudi Mwiraria, and the return of Chris Murungaru. In my book the 3 gentlemen are the same. Kenyans seem to have accepted the re-appointments of the first two, so why not the third?

It is important to remember Hon Chris Murungaru's own words shortly after he was dropped from the cabinet. He said that there was no way anybody would authorize the signing of documents to release so much cash from the treasury without authority from the highest authority in the land. That my dear brothers and sisters is a fact that nobody can deny. And yet many Kenyans still see the Kibaki Abaki suggestion as the only viable one. Their excuse is simple. Who else, they ask?

My answer is that if you have a national soccer team full of veterans (like what we have in Kenya at the moment) and you are about to play Nigeria, the biggest mistake you can make is to stick with the old because you do not want to field inexperienced players for such a big match. The truth is that the wazee will not only lose against Nigeria but you will never have a chance to change the guard. And the only way to do it is by radical surgery. Remember that we tried to mix youth and experience in 2002, see what happened.

In other words we should go for a brand new set of leaders who have never been to parliament before, extreme times call for extreme solutions.

Anyway back to the main point in making this post. I apologize for any bitter taste in the mouth caused by my Murungaru post. It was not intended folks. But at the same time I urge you to read the top of every post carefully in future and look out for warnings like the one I placed at the top of the controversial one that caused so much distress here.

P.S. Some bloggers have challenged Kumekucha repeatedly as to what else he has done apart from blogging. Meaning that they do not consider this blog an achievement worth citing. I disagree.

With the help of numerous of you other Kenyans out there we have together built a very unique meeting place here. Where else in Kenya or outside will you get people of divergent political views and even government spies in one place discussing issues of the day soberly? It is with all humbleness of heart that I say the future of Kenya starts here.

By discussing here, we are not doing nothing. We are all doing a lot. For example although we have launched various programs in this blog, the challenge for us to be seen to be doing something must be taken seriously by all and I am sure our efforts will go a notch higher as a result.

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