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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why The Text Book Version Of PNU Strategy Does Not Work Practically

A Kumekucha informer has just passed on information about a small campaign speech that PNU die hard Danstone Mungatana gave in his constituency recently.

He told supporters that he does not mind if they do not agree with him over his choice for president, what they need to do is to vote him back to parliament so that he may continue to fight for their interests. There was enthusiastic acceptance of this remark from the people he was addressing.

Most of Coast province is currently ODM territory.

As I predicted earlier, this Mungatana statement is bound to be a very common one indeed countrywide when the elections proper commence. Note that when you stand on a certain party ticket it is virtually mandatory for you to support your presidential candidate and even where you do not, voters will position you against your presidential candidate and make the decision whether or not to vote for you based on your presidential candidate’s reputation and standing with the electorate. Matters get a little confusing when your party has no presidential candidate and is instead supporting one from another political party.

This is the kind of trouble one runs into when they try to re-invent the wheel. Clearly PNU is a sitting duck when it comes to being dumped by supporting affiliate party candidates in the heat of the campaigns.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My friend, I would like you to explain to me how COAST IS ODM TERRITORY. The coast vote is the most divided in kenya, and if ODM are trusting that Najib Balala will deliver for them tell them to wake up, Najibu is not even getting back to parliament.

So please tell me your mathematical explanations of how coast is ODM not your imagination, and by the way the second wave the year is coming and its not going to be and ODM one, mark my words.


Mr Lionheart (PNU Intelligence Agency) aka Wakerekete!

PS. May i relay my admiriations to the owner of this blog at his futile efforts of campaigning for "the peoples president" in his dreams Raila.


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