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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dr Ouko Paid With His Life (Kenya Betrayed)

Chapter 25

So, we decided to leave without having come to any agreement with the National Housing Corporation.....

..... but I did not want to give up that easily - I had visited Kibera and had seen under which circumstances these people had to live ...... especially the expression in the eyes of the children still haunted me .................

..... and mainly because I did not want Biwott to succeed once again to have been able to get 'rid of me' ........

..... I decided that I had to beat him with his own weapon ....... so I registered an official Consultancy Company in Switzerland which was giving me real legal base........

..... and this was then also the time when Dr. Ouko contacted me for the Molasses Plant ..........

..... I had realized that the only way to be successful and to be able to help the country and its people - something I had always wanted to do and which for me remained the most important driving factor - was to stay out of Biwott's sphere and away from Moi. I thought, this was the only way to avoid more problems - at least this I hoped ...........

..... you remember that I had also again contacts with Dr. Mungai....... we had renewed our relationship which also included my daughter. I was very happy about that since before she had always preferred Moi to him. Njoroge had started to come to Switzerland regularly and I was also sometimes accompanying him on business trips in Europe. Sandra and Njoroge have still contacts up to to today. They use to meet whenever he passes through Zurich......

..... so also regarding this I had to be careful. Neither did I want to hurt Moi, nor Njoroge's feelings. I had set up the rule for myself not to meet Njoroge whenever I was in Kenya - nor was I accepting invitations where President Moi would be present .......

..... so I thought to have taken all precautions - but I was wrong as I soon had to learn - and Dr. Ouko paid with his life for it............

..... and here starts my guilt or at least, that's how I feel about it ...........

..... regarding your remarks about the money: you are right........ I have spent a lot since I was always proud to be able to pay all my expenses myself. None of these two men - President Moi or Dr. Njoroge Mungai - has ever spent one Shilling on me ....... in spite of what has been published during the last years ......... but since so much rubbish has been said, this does not matter to me ........

..... the only thing which had - and still has - a meaning to me is my goal to help to finally get Dr. Ouko's killers before court and have them in jail for the rest of their lives ...........

.... you see, they wanted to meet me in Switzerland a few years ago to settle 'my bill ' ..... there was a meeting planned between Moi, some of his advisers like Kulei and Raila Odinga, and me. I had given my accounts and it stood at almost 6 Million $. They had already agreed to pay it - but I would have had to sign a document in which I was taking back all my accusations regarding who killed Dr. Ouko and why .......... I would have had to declare the statement I signed at Scotland Yard in London in 1990 false..........

..... in short - in accepting this money from them - they would have made me their accomplice in this crime............

..... you know me. Do you believe, I would have been able to live with such a burden for the rest of my life?

Sue looked at me with tears in her eyes, "I realize only now how much you are till hurt and how much this all means to you. But do you also realize that you still could get killed? That Biwott is your enemy and that he still hates you, no matter how much time has passed since? He will never let you come out of Kenya alive."

"You really think, I could get hurt?"

"Of course, I believe that."

I smiled, " Look - like I told already Sandra and Philipp - I will take excellent care of myself. But I have to go because I have to tell them the whole story - every dirty part of it."


When I returned to my apartment and just started to prepare my dinner, my phone rang. I glanced at the caller ID, then answered, "Hello?"

"It's John Troon."


"Guess what? I have just come from Scotland Yard."


"I wanted to see if my former bosses would be comfortable letting me travel to Nairobi."

"What did they say?"

"That I can't."

"So what will you do? I thought, you have already received your Summon."

"Yes, I was summoned almost a month ago - I already told you. Anyway, I have to consider a lot of things before I make up my mi8nd whether I can go or not." He took a deep breath, "You know how much I would love to go. To me, my work is not done until Dr. Ouko's murder is resolved. Until his killers pay for their crime."

"Very admirable."

He took another deep breath, "Quite honestly, I have been wondering how best to handle this sitation. I know, I would like the truth to come out, but I want it to come out in a way that nobody else will loose his life. Not me .... nor others.•

"So what do you propose?"

"I am going to propose to Chairmain Sunguh to seat the Committee here in London. If he accepts, I am ready to recommend Nicholas Biwott's arrest. And for the first time, I am also ready to say that Moi was behind the murder. That he knew everything. Both should be made to talk."

"Supt. Troon, do you really believe the Kenyan authorities can arrest Biwott? Do you really think that they will gather enough courage to face Moi down?"

"They should."

"But will they?"

He sighed, "I dont' know. I don't expect it. I can only hope it. But look - you and me - we have done our part. You have told the Kenyans everything there was to say. As for me, I have revealed everything there was to reveal. If the Kenyan authorities are serious about bringing Dr. Ouko's killers to book, they have plenty to go on."

"But not everything."

"I don't think, there is anything to add," He drew another deep breatch, .... in fact, if Chairman Sunguh agrees to come to London, I will be very categorical. I will insist that Biwott be arrested. And made to talk. I will also recommend that Moi be officially probed."

"Supt. Troon, you are a tough detective. I am honoured to be your friend!"

A lump came up in this fine detective's throat. In his line of work, compliments were far between. Mostly, there was a lot of criticism and public pressure.

Aware that my compliment was heartfelt, he said, "The feeling is mutual, Marianne."

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