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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cyber Shocker As Old Mzungu Strips In Public For Young Kenyan Beauty

I move around a lot and one of the advantages of web technology is that it does not matter whether I am in Madrid or Kitale, I am still able to make my posts in Kumekucha.

So recently I was in this cyber café in a certain major town in Kenya where I had just arrived and I happen to sit next to this very attractive young lady with long hair. It was the most beautiful hair I had seen in a long time (lakini my thoughts remained pure because I am happily married to my Kikuyu beauty and besides this lady looked younger than my daughter). I was busy and did not pay much attention to her except that I happen to notice that she was doing what most young ladies do in cyber cafes these days. She was chatting to a mzungu boyfriend. The middle aged man’s live webcam image filled the computer screen right next to hers making it easy to draw the contrast in age.

I was lost in the world of Kumekucha until some commotion somewhere behind me attracted my attention. For some time I had heard the girl giggling and I assumed that the old man was really funny. But now looking at the screen, I understood why. The mzee had stripped naked and shifted the web cam to point directly at his manhood which appeared to be partially erect.

The lady seated somewhere behind us, whom I assumed was the owner of café was on the scene in a flash.

“We do not allow that kind of behavior here. Please tell him you are in a cyber café and not in the privacy of your bedroom.” She said with anger and what to me sounded like glee at being able to tell off the young attractive lady (but I could be wrong). The young supu seated next to me at the cyber promptly shut the window displaying her Mzee’s goods. And to my surprise she was not offended, and continued with her chat for another 30 minutes or so before leaving the cyber as if nothing had happened.

Then I went and made the mistake I always make of sharing everything with Mrs Kumekucha and I did it by showing her this post shortly before posting.

“That’s really funny,” she said without even smiling. “Just how beautiful was she?”

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