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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kumekuchans Seek To Sponsor Candidates For MP

Okay Luke and company… I have finally thrown in the towel and agreed that we need to focus on 2012 to get the right kind of candidates into parliament.

However I hope that you agree with me that that does not mean resting until the 2012 elections is around the corner. Work must start NOW!

For starters we should all work as hard as possible to get as many progressive candidates into parliament as we possibly can. Irrespective of what political parties they are standing with. We will openly campaign for such candidates. PKW (proud Kikuyu woman) I am with you concerning your preferred candidate for Kieni. Can you please start posting info about them here in Kumekucha or pass it on to me via email so that I can organize it for posting?

I also have a preferred candidate for Cherangany, but first a little background on this constituency. News from the ground indicates that Kipruto arap Kirwa will have great difficulties making it back to parliament like many others who were in the Kibaki cabinet. Interestingly for the first time in his long political career Kirwa was actually booed by a large crowd two days ago. This is very ominous for a candidate who has been very popular in the past.

PNU is generally out of site in this constituency while the ODM front runner for the ticket, Nathaniel Tum has a bad CV as are most of the others who can possibly wrest the ODM mantle for this constituency from him.

The chances of this Kumekucha candidate Jesse Masai winning are very high. He has campaigned hard and long on the ground for a very long time now. Do your own research and you will find that he is being regarded as fresh, visionary, credible and everything else the other candidates are not. In short his chances of winning are very good. In fact the race is currently his to lose according to my impeccable sources on the ground.

Sadly this exercise is very expensive and his name is not in the Kroll report meaning that he does not have inexhaustible source of finances tucked away in some Swiss account like some other characters.

I therefore find him a very worthy candidate to sponsor for this parliamentary seat. I welcome all you regular readers to pitch in. You can send funds directly to his Mobile phone via Mpesa. His telephone number is 0723-941876. For Kenyans in the diasporas you can Paypal your donation to the email address strongwallafrica (at) and I will be happy to pass on the funds to our candidate Jesse Masai through our representatives in Kenya. To enforce transparency those who Paypal funds, I will pass on your details to the candidate who will email you a personal thank you confirming the amount he receives.

Now is the time to prove that your money is where your mouth is guys.

Kindly let me know of any other worthy candidates out there that we can support in terms of finances and publicity.

Our preparations for 2012 are now in full swing guys.

See previous article in our archives on Jesse Masai

Or visit his website now to get to know him better.

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