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Monday, October 22, 2007

Otieno Kajwang Gets Life Line From Raila But…

Towards the end of last week some very fascinating meetings were taking place at the Professional Centre in Nairobi. The characters in the meetings call themselves “islanders” based in the city and are mostly supporters of an aspirant for the Mbita parliamentary seat called Sammy Wakiaga.

The latest news is that Wakiaga has been “persuaded” to step down in favor of the incumbent Otieno Kajwang. Yet he had already quit his job with the NSIS (National Security Intelligence Services) where he was the chief accountant to vie for the Mbita seat.

The gentlemen were particularly incensed that Raila appears to be using his usual, underhand means to ensure that those close to him retain their parliamentary seats and yet, the group claims, the people of Mbita have had more than enough of Kajwang.

These die hard ODM supporters then went on to invoke the name of Tom Mboya’s widow, Pamela Mboya claiming Mrs Mboya was a supporter of Wakiaga and was questioning why Raila will not leave the Mboya family alone and is instead pushing his hand into Mbita politics all the time.

This blogger has established from the Mboya family that Mrs Mboya does not even know Wakiaga or his so-called supporters and the group was just using her name to rock the boat and get some impact going over their objective of ensuring that Kajwang does not see the inside of the 10th parliament.

The late Tom Mboya hailed from Mbita constituency and his brother Alfonse Okuku even represented the constituency before his death in a road accident in the 80s. Interestingly Okuku once introduced Kajwang to his constituents during a campaign rally in Mbita shortly before he took the then young Kajwang to Dar-es-salaam University in Tanzania to complete his legal studies after he had been expelled from the Nairobi University.

It appears that despite having friends in high places, Kajwang is not yet out of the woods because the group at the professional center in their last meeting on Thursday vowed to prevail on Wakiaga to stand and if he does not they have sworn that they will back a non-ODM candidate for the Mbita parliamentary seat.


Anonymous said...

Take it from me, Kajwang will not see the inside of the 10th Parliament as long as Raila stays out of the picture. But that is not a reason to start blackmailing Raila. Raila fights fire with fire. Anyone who confronts him, especially in Nyanza, is dipping his hands into the mouth of a live cobra!

Anonymous said...

Yet more evidence of Raila's deep committment to democracy (lol). Not even the dozens of highly paid image counsultants can wipe the stink off this man. Good thing he has such a mesmirizing personality or people might see him for what he is, a ruthless man consumed by a lust for power. What I want to know is, once elected will he leave willingly? OR will he pull a Museveni on us?

Anonymous said...


I am almost certain that you hail from Mbita althouga you claim to be a mkamba.

Usilale Utakutwa said...

We all know the people of Luo Nyanza would gladly take it in the butt if King Raila decreed it. They get what they deserve for their blind hero worship.


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