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Monday, October 15, 2007

Hoo Ndii Emm Woyee As Mystery Of The Mammoth Crowd Persists

It is a fact that PNU struggled to fill the 40,000 capacity Nyayo Stadium during President Kibaki’s presidential campaign launch just over 2 weeks ago. Some of the gymnastics that the party had to go through included helping to finance national delegates conferences for affiliate parties which were organized at about the same time so as to avoid at all costs the Stadium being embarrassingly empty.

So the big mystery that almost every Kenyan on the street is talking about is how the 8% party managed to attract such a mammoth crowd to Uhuru Park.

All sorts of rumours are flying;

One rumour cl;aims that Machakos is very close to Nairobi and so every Mkamba to the last man was transported to Uhuru Park for the rally. The guys spreading this rumour claiom that the faces seen at Uhuru Park on Sunday all looked like they were from one community. And most were saying “Hoo Ndii Emm Woyee!”

Yet another rumour says that Sunday was chosen specifically so that church congregations could be commandeered to turn up at Uhuru Park.”

When all is said and done, it is not very easy to fool this political analyst with large crowds. I remember vividly the crowd that escorted Charity Ngilu to hand over her nomination papers to the electoral commission of Kenya in 1997. Just looking at it you would have quickly declared that Mrs Ngilu had already won. A sharp contrast to candidate Mwai Kibaki who handed over his papers and left quietly with a an aide or two. Ion fact on his way out he bumped into another candidate, no less than the incumbent President Moi himself who had also been on a similar mission to county hall. The two men unaccompanied by supporters greeted each other and parted ways. Well, those were the two guys who came first and second in those elections.

So the crowd at Uhuru park was above everything else a political gimmick. One thing about Hoo Ndii Emm is that fact that they are the most organized of the three political parties. Just carefully look at how they do their things. Somebody suggested to me that if PNU contionue campaigning the way they are, they could easily find their presidential candidate coming in third behind Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka. This may be a far-fetched dream but I can’t help but consider it when the PNU continues to campaign as if the people who are going to vote are retarded idiots.


Anonymous said...

I happen to attend the same church that Kalonzo attended.The previous week our preacher had lamented in his surmon that politicians are pulling crowds yet christian congrgations are dwindling in crowds.He also lamented that christians have become irrelevant in determining the way forward in Kenyan politics.He was challenging the christians.
One week later kalonzo is attending service in the same church.I attended just because I wanted to listen to him.
Looking at the buses and the names on the buses parked at the grounds you could tell easily that people had been transported to the venue.
Listening to the crows there was no doubt that 90% had come from Ukambani.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ, I am a mkamba and I wasn't at the rally on sunday. So what you are really saying is that kenya has very very many kaos. It is a fact that even in the Raila's rally, the majority were from his own dholuo commumnity - meza hiyo wembe! That is the reality of kenyan politics.

The logistics of transporting such a mammoth crowd all the way from ukambani would be crazy to say the least.
Ok lets pretend for a moment that all those people were indeed transported from ukambani in say maybe 100 buses, how many people can you possibly cramm into 100 buses? 5000 maybe?? taking into account that one bus can only ferry 50 people and we all know those were not 5000 people we saw at uhuru park so stop delluding yourself and admitt the facts - Kalonzo is in the race to win regardless of what you guys want us to believe.

And as for the mjaruo that runs this blog, we know you and we know that you are a top Raila campaigner kenyans are an educated lot and we can see right through you - you are way too transparent!!

This is a new low even for you! Shame.

macs34 said...

The truth be told... the guy running this blog isnt a Raila Campaigner..

I have been reading this blog for some times now (from last year) and i was just about to stop coz i thoght he was a Kamau or njoro or some thing.. look closely in the last post in here and u will see what i mean.. so friend just grow up... u have even shrubbed "mjaruo" shame on u too.

We sow the buses and you cant pretend to us...

The people who attended the rally did not necessarily mean they will vote for Kalonzo... some lik us and ma buddies were just tired fellows who did not hav anywher to go other than just have some fun and hear what the kamba gott to say... (see the back footage).. so to suggest that this is Kalonzo crowd is just to put credit where its not due..

Thanks and if i read any insult it will be obvious from which part of the country u come from or which party u hold dearly...

Anonymous said...

please, if you have nothing to say, do not expose your ignorance for all to see.
And just for the record, the jamaa that runs this blog is commonly reffered to as "mjaruo" so I did not shrubb.

mumbi wa gikuyu said...

The problem with people who claim to be analysts like the owner of this blog should realise that no one has a monopoly of crowds. The crowds at Kalonzo's rally are pretty much the same as those that attended Nyayo Stadium and the Raila launch.

The other one is that Chris cannot fathom the fact that Kalonzo could actually raise such a crown. What finally gives him away is the suggestion that Kibaki could not fill the 40,000 seater stadium. I saw the terraces as well as the football pitch filled up with people!

I think we should accept that crowds are no longer an indication of support!

bloggeratti said...

I maybe a diehard Kibaki Tena advocate but I'd admit one thing.

When it comes to crowd pulling antics, ODM and ODM-K are on another level.

ODM-K's idea off having a revered gospel artist (Ev. Peace Muli) perform definitely brought a couple of Sunday idlers to Uhuru Park.


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