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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Preparations For 2012

Let me admit my friends that I was really put off balance when it became clear that because he fears for his life, it was not possible for my preferred Presidential candidate John Githongo to show up for these general elections. I sincerely believed that he was the best chance for change in Kenya, and even if he had ended up not winning the presidential race, he would have helped the entry of a new generation of politicians into the political scene in Kenya.

Alas that cannot be now, and so I have been forced back to the drawing boards and the game plan is finally becoming clearer to me.

Kumekucha will now support principled individuals who represent true change, irrespective of which political parties they belong to. The idea will be to get as many new progressive faces into the 10th parliament as possible and also as many women candidates as possible because they seem to be more mindful of the downtrodden voiceless people of Kenya and less likely to forget the reasons why they are in parliament.

It is also the position of Kumekucha to support any presidential candidate who pledges to introduce a devolved system of governance as spelled out in Chapter 14 of the Boams draft because this represents the best opportunity for true change in the country. Using the devolved system and as many progressive parliamentarians in the house as possible, it will be much easier for Kenyans to usher in a true change in leadership in 2012.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our only chance of pushing for real change because we cannot trust any politician on their own to bring about the changes that Kenyans crave and we therefore have to continue pushing for change each and every inch of the way and especially after the elections irrespective of which presidential candidate ends up winning.

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macs34 said...

This is true and please Chris, where you read that Chapter 14, can you please forward to one Josephine Ojiambo and ohh she is DR. who has written something on:- Why majimbo is just another ODM political red herring in the Eastandard newspaper today! Where does she live?


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