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Sunday, October 07, 2007

When Will PNU Wake Up And Get A Serious Campaign Going?

If it is true that ODM is a Luo political party then Nairobi has just too many Luos. In fact the census figures for Luos should be revised as clearly they now have a larger population than the Kikuyus and Luhyas put together.

The writing must be on the wall now for President Kibaki and his campaign team, which appears to be an extension of his administration—ruled by decision makers who are stuck in a time warp of the swinging but slow 60s.

The Kenyans who formed the crowds at Uhuru park yesterday represent the masses of Kenya, hungry for change. The president is not selling change but retention of the status quo. In fact looking at his team of old men one cannot help but stifle a yawn before the old man stands up to give those monotonous repetitive speeches of his. So what do you expect from the electorate?

In short, as predicted here earlier, the President’s campaign has started off on the wrong foot and it is doubtful if they will be able to come anywhere near ODM in the catch up game. Those are the facts on the ground.

Meanwhile we are experiencing mass hysteria from some people who do not want to believe that it is feasible for the country to be led by a Kenyan from Luo Nyanza and it will not be the end of the world. You will see some of them hurling insults here in this blog and saying all sorts of things with desperation written all over their words.

Yet, I dare say Mwai Kibaki and his inner circle are the ones who created this monster called ODM and a Raila Odinga presidency (if it is true that the two are indeed monsters). They did this when they went and changed their own job descriptions from what was handed over to them by their employer (The Kenyan people) in December 2002. The people sent them to State House to create jobs as a priority and to eliminate corruption and bring the perpetrators to book. Instead Mr Kibaki went and grew the economy (for the benefit of only a few) and instead of ending corruption embraced the biggest perpetrators of that corruption—the Mois and the Kenyattas.

The masses of Kenya may not be all that well educated but did the President really expect to get away with that?

Further signs that we have a blundering directionless team leading the president’s campaign is in the sacking of Kenya’s most successful health minister in history. Mama Rainbow herself. The sacking of Charity Ngilu was a terrible political move executed with even more terrible timing.

Again the masses may not be very bright but what do you think they read in the sacking of Ngilu shortly after she attended the ODM rally in Uhuru Park? They read fear. To them it clearly showed that the president and his men are frightened of this so-called Luo-dominated political party.

PNU should be grateful that the elections are not being held tomorrow because they would have lost by a landslide. But there is an even bigger fear looming large in the horizon. If the campaign team handling the president’s campaign continue the way they are, then I am afraid the president will have difficulties securing a number two slot in the elections and chances are that even Kalonzo son of Musyoka of Hoo Ndii Emm will beat him to the runner’s up position.

I am not saying this because I support ODM, rather I am saying this because it annoys me that the president’s campaign team is in such a mess and that instead of having a close race we will end up with a whitewashing. It is like going to watch Arsenal play Manchester United only for one of the teams to win 8-0. If you paid good money to watch the game live you will live The Emirates grounds or Old Trafford feeling very cheated because there was no suspense and drama which is what you paid to watch.

The truth with the campaign so far is that the folks at PNU have not raised any issues other than warn Kenyans of dire consequences if the government is taken over by a Mujaruo. The funny thing about that strategy is that the masses of Kenya who hold most of the votes are so frustrated that the prospect of chaos is rather attractive to most. At least they will stop seeing so much affluence flashing past them as they starve.

Now the really worrying thing here that I beg my dear PNU supporters who read this blog to see is that the president’s team do not seem to have a clue about that last point. How tragic, how fatal.

I hereby invite insults and accusations of being an ODM supporter as well as the few but rapidly increasing very well thought out analysis on the issues I have raised in this post.

For the love of the motherland.

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