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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Dangers Of An ODM Landslide Victory

One thing I am very proud of about Kumekucha are the great brains that have been attracted to this blog. Folks who are much smarter than yours truly and who help us keep this blog on the cutting edge and right at the top as a leading source of political information on Kenya.

Some of these guys have expressed concern in recent times over an ODM landslide victory in the parliamentary elections leaving the 10th parliament with a very weak, almost non-existent opposition. This is certainly food for thought as the latest poll put ODM’s Raila Odinga further ahead of the president at 53% with President Kibaki trialing at 37%. If past experience is anything to go by, the side that loses the general elections usually takes a long time to settle and re-unite to speak as one voice of the opposition. Already there are accusations flying all over the place on the PNU side and chances are that an election loss will cause chaos and disarray that will take a long time to sort out, if ever. For starters constituents of Othaya will have to head back to the polls to elect a new Member of parliament as it is unlikely that President Kibaki will take his seat in the back benches of parliament in 2008, should he lose the elections.

And it seems that this reality on the ground is slowly beginning to sink into the minds of the presidential campaign team. Information that reached me a few minutes ago from Mombasa indicates that President Kibaki’s motorcade was seen in the town earlier today at about 2:15 pm and curious wananchi who wanted to catch a glimpse of him were disappointed when for the first time this year, the motorcade went through the city at high speed without the president “greeting’ and waving at the people. Mombasa residents were heard making snide remarks and one who was standing close to our source said; “Mumekataa, kwa hivyo musisubiri salamu.” (You have rejected him so do not wait for greetings).

To which a bald headed middle aged man replied; “Wacha aendee nyumbani apumzike.” (Let him return home to rest). Some of those in the vicinity burst into laughter.

Both Steadman and other pollster’s findings as well as Kumekucha’s information from impeccable sources show that Coast Province is a solid Raila Odinga and ODM region.

Still, this is NOT an ODM blog and now would be as good a time as any to start asking questions about the possible new ODM government and testing how such an administration will handle constructive criticism. We are actually doing here what the PNU (Pitiful National Alliance, according to one of our readers) should be doing. Unfortunately this political grouping has been blundering at every step and have chosen instead to spend most of their quality campaign time on non-issues and hurling personal abuses at Hon Raila Odinga. So somebody might as well start doing their job for them.

Last time I checked, Raila Odinga was not an angel; and neither are the people running this party that has taken the country by storm. Kenyans need assurances that we will not see tribal appointments from the new administration. Critics have been quick to point to the composition of employees at the Odinga family business, East African Spectre, as an indication of things to come. Of course this is grossly unfair because the company in question is a private business and not a national parastatal and therefore one is free to do what they want to do with their private business.

However for those interested the following is a full list of employees at East African Spectre and the tribes they belong to;

Member’s Of Staff In East African Spectre International

Luo - 126
Luhya - 1
Kikuyu - 2
Coast - 1
Muslim - 1
Kamba - 0
Meru - 0
Embu - 0
Nubians- 1

Luo - 7
Foreign - 7
Kikuyu - 1

Note: The CEO is Mr Israel O. Agina, a first cousin to Hon Raila Odinga.

1. Aloo Hezekiah Odeny
2. Ogam James Okello
3. Anguko John Kweya
4. Nyambundi Solomon Aguga
5. Ochieng Duncan
6. Ouko Jacob Otieno
7. Musilwa Benson Omondi
8. Guma George Odhiambo
9. Nyabego Julius Odhiambo
10. Ondu Joseph Awuor
11. Achieng Elly Bai
12. Okello Gilbert Ondu
13. Nyambondo Harris Omuga
14. Orioki Leonard
15. Musonye Alex Stanley
16. Ogola William Akungu
17. Oremo Thaddeus
18. Nyamunga Bernard Omollo
19. Opot Jackson Akonde
20. Oyugi Philip Onyango
21. Odhiambo Felix Ben
22. Kinuthia Mariam
23. Odede Geofrey Oduor
24. Ouko Benard Oyoo
25. Achieng Simon Minoh
26. Okang’a Tobias Abidha
27. Okatch Moses Ochieng
28. Keya Benson Otieno
29. Okwirri Mathew C. Ouma
30. Otwele Henry Olindo
31. Badia Emily Rebecca
32. Nyongesa James
33. Opiyo Peter Oketch
34. Abuor Philip Otieno
35. Wafula Ronald Wambaya
36. Onwonga Nancy Mogusero
37. Okwako Arthur Otieno
38. Omune Erick Onyango
39. Chari Joyce Mwangunga
40. Gila George Ochieng
41. Masoro George Omollo
42. Owuory Renee A.
43. Khisa Maurice Wabwire
44. Omondi Philip Odongo
45. Bett Japheth. K.
46. Onditi Charles Nicholas
47. Obonyo Wycliff Owino
48. Ayieyo Walter Osir
49. Olwa Elizabeth A.
50. Ogutu Lindah
51. Scovia Lilian
52. Opata Eunice A.
53. Malo Shadrack
54. Abondo George
55. Oloo George Juma
56. Mondoh John O.
57. Ajuma Jerry Olan’go
58. Odek Patrick Lumumba
59. Oyucho Francis
60. Ndalo Wisdom
61. Owiro Mohamed
62. Oburu Elijah
63. Orwa charles
64. Opondo Tom Joseph
65. Maguti Justus
66. Geyo Jacob Otieno
67. Omolo Edward Omolo
68. Oloo Francis Owino
69. Oruko Solomon Gogo
70. Omondi Patrick
71. Oyoo Joseph Otieno
72. Anditi Jacob
73. Oyuyo Fredrick
74. Akinyi Judith Jecinter
75. Sironey ****ens L.
76. Kisombe Stephen M.
77. Onguru Yohana A. O.
78. Akach Paul Odhiambo
79. Oluoch Michael Esborgs
80. Odingo Abner Ochieng’
81. Odhiambo Martin Tom
82. Odando Peter Onyango
83. Ototo Japhet K.
84. Odhiambo Maurice
85. Odayo Sylanus Ogutu
86. Opiyo Domnic Agolla
87. Odhiambo Jared Owiti
88. Omollo Dan
89. Okebe Norman Ooko
90. Odero Lamek Omollo
91. Oyombe Cyrus Juma
92. Miguna Meshack Omondi
93. Okoth Felix Ouma
94. Onege Anne Awiti
95. Owino Samuel Muga
96. Otieno Gladys Awuor
97. Apiyo Everlyne Akinyi
98. Otieno George Aoko
99. Gwara Nelson Owino
100. Muthoni Evelyn
101. Osii Brenda Alouch
102. Oguttu Fred Onyago
103. Owaka Hezron Okulo
104. Mahero Paul Oluoch
105. Agengo George Otieno
106. Guda Robert Ouko
107. Nyaguti Joseph Odhiambo
108. Odero Alfred Okoth
109. Odida Daniel Onyango
110. Onyango Martin Omollo
111. Aloka Moses Omollo
112. Masudi Tom Mboya
113. Ochieng Austin Otieno
114. Amoni Adam Amemu
115. Owuor Fredrick Ouma
116. Ochieng Peter Odhiambo
117. Ndhawa Joseph Odira
118. Olwa Samuel Onyango
119. Maleya Levi Oriedo
120. Odanda Joshua Arodi
121. Muga Shellemia Awino
122. Oloo John Onyango
123. Ogola John Omondi
124. Alori Wilson Odhiambo
125. Abuto Joseph Agwenge
126. Odhiambo Joab Oroge
127. Odhiambo Colloins
128. Otieno David Fanuel
129. Neondo Joseph Olachi
130. Nyakoe Peter Ondieki
131. Rado Brian


1. Israel O. Agina
2. Mario D. Teixeria
3. Holmes Bruce Wayne
4. Kamau M. Florence
5. Oyamo Dan Omondi
6. Bakker Jacob Gerrit
7. Tonder Anton Van
8. Oyuyo Fredrick O.
9. Busia Ruth A.
10. Mathew John Edward
11. Heubsch Nicholas J.
12. Odhiambo Judith A.
13. Onbinju George Stev
14. Zanot Adriaan Van Der
15. Tambo Erick


Anonymous said...

Well, COMMENDABLE JOB! It is a private enterprise. You should take account of all Kiuk Businesses and see how many Luos are there. My guess is that it will be worse than this Raila's business. Nothing new really.

Anonymous said...

Chris, curiously what would you expect the staff composition of a "private company" headquartered in Nyeri to be? Where do employees of Kibaki on his farms in Nyeri come from?

Stop you baloney of trying to prove to your readers that this is not an ODM blog.

You are a well known Raila supporter.

Macharia Njunguna.

Trai said...

About hiring in private Biz:
I have a private web development biz, based in the USA. I need 2 programmers, but to show i am not a tribalist, i am looking for a Kamba and a Kikuyu.
Kumekucha, your reproducing this list is really a low for you. Shame on you.

This is what will happen with an ODM victory:

A. a more open and just government will be instituted
-there will be greatly reduced(hopefully NO) tribalism
---so a jaluo will not necessarily benefit from the plum appointments
---jaluos care about being seen "to be fair" and "not corrupt", so they will not pack places with other jango's; in any case, as everyone knows, unlike kikuyus, jaluos and Luhyas hate the success of one of their own, and would rather have a different person as their assistants.

B. Current Biz people will prosper, because the government will do what governments are meant to do; cause a conducive environment for biz for ALL, not just for Michukis and Kinyuas
-those with ongoing biz (House of Mumbi, Kalenjins) will prosper even more
-those seeking to start new biz and have capital( House of Mumbi, Kalenjins, Omugusii) will prosper
-those with no capital for new biz( Luos, Luyhas) will not form new Bizs

C. The Lot of the Jaluo will not change much
-Money/Progress is in Biz not employments or big sounding titles
- luos shun biz, preferring to be employed and big sounding titles
-Luos will not build new homes( preferring to rent from Kyuks) and being held back by archaic beliefs( e.g. ancestral land nonsense etc)
-Lake Victoria will be exploited by outsiders with Capital (Luo leaders, e.g. Oburu, Tuju,KaJwang' etc have no interest in mobilising the local fishermen to benefit from this great resource)
-majority of poor jaluos will be boasting about their man being prezy etc( just like they would do about their uncle being in the USA etc), activities that do "not add a plate of Ugali", instead of working hard, saving and seeking self sufficiency in their own enterprises
D. ODM has so many former KANU chaps (hence same old MO may prevail)
- how will Raila not be held captive by these vast interests?
- the system will still improve greatly, because the guy is outward looking and genuinely cares for the country, and based on (A) above
-Raila's success may also be his failure
-He may realise that ALL those promises are not keepable in 5 years (he may begin to appreciate what Moi said, about difficulty of pleasing everyone. Of course, Moi was held back more by his own corruption )
-only a genius will enable true corruption free system in Kenya
-Is that genius Raila? Maybe. I think he will at least start the long process needed.

Because of the above, it is to the interest of every middle class Kikuyu to support this guy. Consider points A and B and C

bloggeratti said...

The Dangers of an ODM Landslide?

The most obvious is we will be turned into beggars again. Why?

ODM appeals to the majority who want "the price of bread to go back to 18 bob", free secondary education, free healthcare, free etc. In other words, Maisha Bora.

Kibaki and his govt may have made several political mistakes but economics isn't one of them.
For the last two budgets, Kenya hasn't factored in foreign aid. This has made it a regional powerhouse with the numbers to prove it (Trade balance in COMESA alone US$ 700 million in Kenya's favour). Then again, Kibaki's govt is looking more to the East than the West - the UK in particular lost a lucrative security contract with gova to an East Asian nation.

The problem is 70% of the Kenyan population aren't enjoying these economic benefits and that's where Hon. Raila and Co. cash in.

But picture this:
If ODM promises less tax and more free stuff where will the money come from?

Donors, of course.

So ODM will most likely sell us out to the highest bidder: They are three so far, UK, US and Germany!No wonder they are so cosy with the opposition, telling Kenyan's to vote wisely in this election for "Generational Change". Did you think they love Hon. Raila for his distinguished white goatie?


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