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Saturday, October 20, 2007

What Do The Strange Secret Meetings Between ODM Kenya, Moi And Kibaki Aides Mean?

Is Kalonzo Musyoka About To Cross Over To PNU With His Hoo Ndii Emm?

Please put on your thinking caps on for this one. The question is really simple. Why else would Kalonzo’s people, Moi and Kibaki’s people have a meeting?

To discuss the runaway economic growth (are you there Luke)? Or perhaps to chat about the changing weather patterns in the country?

As you can clearly see it is difficult to come to any other conclusion except that the meeting must have had something to do with the forthcoming general elections and most probably a possible merger between the groups represented. We can therefore speculate that what was being thrashed out was the thorny issue of joint nominations for parliamentary and civic candidates in the event of such a merger.

You may disagree with my conclusion and suggest that perhaps the trio were discussing a coalition merger after the general elections and you could well be right. Chances are high that whoever wins the presidency, a merger between Kanu, PNU and ODM Kenya will give that side the majority of MPs and control over what happens in the 10th parliament. Meaning that if Raila wins they can still send Kenyans back to the polls with a quick no confidence vote.

Control over parliament is something that is proving to be increasingly important as Kenya’s infant multi-party democracy starts to teeth. A mother will tell you that when a toddler goes through the issues and problems related to teething it can be quite a challenging time for mother and child.

More evidence that a merger of sorts is in the works are the chilling words of Baba Giddy recently. He said; “This ODM honeymoon is about to end.” Is this what he meant? Because the truth is that whenever the old man makes statements like that, experience has shown me to have sleepless nights. I remember only too well the similarly chilling remark he made shortly after the re-introduction of multi-party democracy in Kenya (something that he was forced to do under enormous pressure). The Mzee said “Hi multi party itawachoma!” (This multi party will burn you.) Shortly after that knowing remark, houses and human corpses were going up in flames in large numbers all over the Rift Valley and a new term—ethnic clashes—found itself into the daily news vocabulary in Kenya. It has not quite left to date but only appears around election time.

So I fely a chill go up my spine when the old man recently said in the Rift Valley; “Hii Honeymoon ya ODm inaisha hivi karibuni.” I did not feel this way because of being a die hard ODM supporter (because I AM NOT). But I felt the way I did because I feared the repercussions on the country as a result of the method that was going to be used to accomplish that prophecy.

But still there are those observers who would ask you the question; who is fooling who here? After all the links between Kanu, Ho Ndii Emm and PNU are tight and have always been. Consider the following;

Chairman of Hoo Ndii Emm, Daniel Maanzo’s school fees and expenses right through to university and law school is rumored to have been paid for personally by President Kibaki. Apparently he hails from a very poor family.

Mutula Kilonzo, another top official of Hoo Ndii Emm has remained the preferred personal lawyer of retired President Moi and has successfully handled some very sensitive issues for Baba Giddy especially after he left power. Baba Giddy also has some crazy secrets on Mr Kilonozo and thus the respect at this point has to be mutual. So if politically speaking push came to shove and Baba Giddy today asked Mutula to leave everything and cross over to Kanu, Mr Kilonzo’s only possible reply would be; “I’m on my way sir.”

What is fascinating is that opinion on the ground is divided over what voters in Ukambani would do if Kalonzo crossed over to PNU. Some say that he would lose a few thousand presidential votes. Other insist that most of Ukambani will vote against Raila, meaning that whatever side kalonzo goes to other than ODM, will not change his prospects of the 620,000 Kamba votes he is targeting.

But what the gifted dancers, alleged colour clashing dressers and natural sex athletes of Ukambani seem to be unaware of is the fact that Kalonzo’s independent candidature is helping Raila’s presidential bid a lot because otherwise Kalonzo’s votes would have ended up with President Kibaki and PNU.

Incidentally I am a Kamba myself and I can tell you that the Kamba no longer have problems with their colours—have you seen the impeccable way in which media personalities like KTN’s ravishingly beautiful Lilian Muli and Kiss FM’s desirable Caroline Mutoko dress? As my hilarious Tanzanian friend would have said “hawa watoto… sio mchezo.

About the dancing bit, this is in every Mkamba’s blood. Sadly I am not at liberty to comment on the third allegation about sexual prowess, in the interests of my personal security (because Mrs Kumekucha reads this blog occasionally) and also in the interests of peace in this blog from such friends as Vikii.

P.S. My man on the ground in Machakos assures me that Kalonzo will go it alone until the elections and that the coalition merger will come in after the elections. He also claims that anybody who is against Raila currently is Baba Giddy’s bosom buddy and he will always have plenty to discuss with you at any time. So those guys who have always dreamt of meeting Moi personally, this is your chance. Kioko of BC are you there?

But I don’t agree with his verdict on this issue. I can’t help feeling that these guys are up to something and that whatever they are up to, we will see before the elections and it is also something that will deal a major blow to Raila Odinga’s ODM.

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Anonymous said...

My comments might look unreal but this is what i think,
PNU Kanu wing was supposed to campain for the govt in Rift Valley and Coast where it was beleived to be popular and which has not been the case,so Baba Giddy assignment failed and had to repeat the exam using another formula,they want ODM-K which is not perceived to be Kikuyu to share the spoils with ODM in areas where PNU has no following.
Qstn? Why is ODM-K not campaigning in central and why PNU not agreesively campainging in eastern Provice(Ukambani)?
Sorry am ODM-Rift valley wing,Old man trying an already won war.My Grandma finaly ditched Kanu so the situation for PNU IS GRAVE


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