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Monday, October 15, 2007

Top 5 Most Popular Kumekucha Articles 15th Oct 2007

We launch a new daily feature on the top 5 most popular Kumekucha pages in terms of traffic. Today’s figures represent traffic captured between 7 and 8 pm Kenyan time.

The popularity of the old Alnoor Kassam story we did here is probably due to the ongoing electionerring in Calgary, Canada where Kenyan-born Alnoor Kassam (now a Canadian national is a candidate for Mayor of Calgary).

1) Alnoor Kassam and the Trade Bank Story
2) Alnoor Kassam speaks to Kumekucha
3) Is Mukhisa Kituyi about to defect to ODM?
4) My son take it slow, Aids is rapacious
5) 53% Odinga Hugs 8% Kalonzo.

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