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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Most people don’t know this common reason for business failure

Chances are very high that you will read this article and recognize yourself. That is you are the creative type.

It is a known fact that most entrepreneurs are the creative type. Creative people are great at coming up with new things and new ideas. However they have one major flaw. And that is the get bored very easily. They are not the type of people to keep up successfully with routine repetitive things. This is the reason why big businessmen and women thrive, simply because they have the resources to employ others to take care of the dull stuff.

Now the big problem is when a small business is starting out without much in terms of capital and resources. Many businesses that had great potential have failed in this way. The founder hardly realizes that it is the daily repetitive, boring things that have to be done over and over again that make their enterprises successful.

This is also very true for any online business as well as offline businesses.

Chances are very high that the only thing that stands between you and tremendous success is you bracing yourself to do all the repetitive boring stuff that will lift your business to success in due time.

It is a good idea to start with the chores you hate the most earl in the morning and then reward yourself with the stuff that you enjoy, when you are done.

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