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Monday, August 11, 2008

Signs That She Wants You

These days there are all sorts of so-called experts literally coming out of the woodwork who are making all sorts of claims and selling their books and information to millions.

Before we examine some of the most controversial of these claims it is useful to look into the reasons why mostly men seem to be so interested in reading the thoughts of their dates.

Evidence suggests that the gap between men and women is widening. Men are getting busier (sometimes watching porn on the web) and as a result are hardly interested in investing the time or being patient enough to learn about the women in their lives. So what they are basically looking for are quick-fixes and one night stands.

Some of these so-called experts claims that if a lady you are dating starts to circle the top of the glass slowly with her fingers, then it is a clear sign that they are interested in sex with you as soon as possible.

They add that if on the first date a lady holds your arm unconsciously, then it means that she is interested in sex soon. However if she holds you anywhere on your legs it means that she wants sex on that same day.

Over to you dear readers, what do you think?

Woman complains about insensitive lovers


mama omondi said...

Umezidi Chris!! Which ladies?

Anonymous said...

Quite True and applies to all women. Even here in America.


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