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Monday, August 04, 2008

Lady Beware: What Type Are You To Your Man?

Ladies should be extremely careful not to be fooled by any man because to a man there are only four types of women and you must fit into one of the four categories.

1. There are those women that a man just wants to sleep with and nothing more.

2. Then there are those women a man would deeply desire to be the mother of his children.

3. Still there are those women a man would love to be seen with to impress his friends and foes, and nothing more.

4. And finally there are those women that on very rare occasions some men fall hopelessly in love with and they stop thinking straight like a normal man.

Don’t hold your breath to the fourth type of woman because it is a very rare thing indeed.

So where do you fall? Many women fall into the first category and are fooled into believing that there is something more in the relationship. What you need to remember is that a man hunting you out will rarely reveal his true intentions unless you are already physically attracted to him and he notices.

To be put into the second category is also not easy. In this regard most men are extremely conservative and sadly will often take advice from close friends when making this decision. That makes it a wee bit difficult for you if you met at some bar in Nairobi. In neighboring Tanzania for instance where a man meets a woman is extremely important and most men believe it is crazy to marry a woman you met at a bar, no matter how beautiful and nice she is. Very old fashioned and the kind of thinking that comes from two centuries ago, I know. But sadly that is the reality.

Many women are unknowingly in the third category. They are like a new car, designed to impress and lift up the image of a man and nothing more. These women get delighted when they are introduced all over the place and mistakenly assume that this means that a long-term relationship is in the offing. In a few cruel instances the man will even introduce them as their future wife. Don’t be fooled.

We will not even discuss he fourth category because it is easier to find Diamonds in Kenya than it is to find true love, but I do know a man who recently proudly told me that the woman in his life fits into all four categories. Some dreamer I guess, kwani what kind of woman is that?

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