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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Passion, love and anger

Everybody envies lovebirds. In fact most people have never really been in love and wonder what it is like believing that it is a pleasant experience.

However those in love describe it as bitter-sweet. Meaning that there is the bitter side of it and even the deadly.

Passion can drive people to extreme lengths.

Take the case of John and Anne. The two were in love. It was love that bordered on the crazy because they spent every single moment they could snatch together. Now with love also comes possessiveness. And with possessiveness often come jealousy. Now John started having nightmares than Anne was seeing somebody else secretly.

Finally he blurted it out to Anne one day. Now the problem here is that Anne had an explosive temper and John was very proud. The kind of proud man who would rather die than lose face. And so what was supposed to be a very minor thing blew up into a major disagreement. Anne felt that John was nuts to imagine that she was unfaithful to him when they spent so much time together. Surely where would she get time to even talk to another man? On the other hand John felt that if it was not true then surely Anne would not have been so angry.

The two love birds stormed off in anger. John had expected Anne to soothingly stroke his ego and calm his fears. Instead Anne had exploded in a way that he had not seen before. What followed was a disaster. Anne was so angry that she went off and slept with somebody else. In her rage she told herself that if she had been accused she might as well make the falsehood true. She deeply regretted her actions immediately it was over. But it was too late. As they say, Hasira ni hasara.

John sulked for days and could not think straight. His work suffered and when he was called in by the boss to explain himself, he exploded and started shouting at his employer. This was no government department and he was fired on the spot. To date John and Anne hate each other so much that if they were the only two people left on earth, they would still not speak to each other.

In another case this couple were deeply in love and sadly the woman worked in a far off town. She went out one night and got drunk and slept with somebody else. Sex is powerful and she started having feelings for her one night stand. She could not bear the guilt and broke off her relationship with the man who was so hurt that he quickly got married on the rebound to somebody he had no feelings for. Naturally the consequences of his actions were bound to catch up with him sooner or later and they did.

Oh yes, love and passion can be very deadly and very damaging

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