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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Excuses men use to dump their girl friends

Men are strange animals. Essentially they are animals.

Sample this. After a relationship that has lasted a long period of time, a man decides to end it. There are many different reasons why a man can decide to do this. Maybe he has seen somebody else he likes more. Or he is just plain bored with his woman and would like to “free himself” to move on.

Whatever the reason, instead of telling the poor girl that he would like to end the relationship, he starts fishing around for an excuse to end it. Usually it ends up in some sort of accusation. He will say that he does not trust her anymore or that he has evidence that she has had an affair.

This usually works like a dream on unsuspecting women because they will focus o the accusation and it will never cross their mind that the guy is juts fishing around for an excuse. I even know of men who have gone as far as setting up their girlfriends with their men friends and then they turn up right on cue and storm out of the bar or social place saying that they have now seen enough evidence of their girl friend’s infidelity.

Women should especially look out for these tell-tale signs of a man sabotaging a relationship deliberately when they bring up the topic of their long term prospects or marriage. That is when they will see wonders. Some men will tell their girl fiends that their parents don’t like them, when this is a lie. Other times they will claim that their relatives never wanted a woman who is from a different tribe. As if one marries a woman for their relatives.

This is a very serious matter, but I have to admit that in my time I have seen hilarious excuses that men have used to end relationships. Here are some;

- “You don’t know how to cook chapattis and my mum says…..”

- “You are too thin and my parents are wondering if you have Aids.”

- “That kid you got pregnant with in school, my family does not want outside blood in the home.”

- “I love you but my mum says your complexion is too dark.”

- “I love you but you are a PNU supporter.”

- “I love you but you support ODM.”

- “I love you but you earn more money than me and my mum says…”

- “My big brother doesn’t like you.”

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Mama Njeri said...

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Mama Njeri said...

To go to my weblog just click on my name.

mama omondi said...

mama njeri shut up!! everyone has blogs do u see them advertising everywhere? i have visited yours and its so boring!!

Mama Njeri said...

Mama Omondi, My blog is boring because I don't deal with those things you think are 'cool'. Iam a qualified obstetrician and the aim of my blog is to help women and their partners especially in areas of pregnacies and childbirth. I also deal with relationship issues. This kind of knowledge is lacking in Kenya very badly.

mama omondi said...

a 'qualified obstetrician' who goes imposing herself on other people's blogs with cries of 'please read me' please read me' with her kikuyu superiority talk and bashing other tribes on other blogs is not one whose blog i would ever read!

theres a lot of information on obstetrics and gynaecology on the net i would rather read those.

Mama Njeri said...

Mama Omondi,

People around the world read my blog through search engine and I thought I should bring the same knowdge to by fellow Kenyans but if you don't like it, you don't have to read it. I want to do my part and inform my countrymen/women about those issues aformentioned.

Mama Njeri said...

Mama Omondi, I know you are Chris insecure and angry that this Kikuyu have 'invaded' your blog. Poa bwana I am not here to spoil your party.

mama omondi said...

LOL me Chris? Now that is rubbish! Please bring another one! Mama Njeri if you have nothing better to do please don't do it here. I am just a simple blogger ticked of by people who go to other people's blogs to advertise themselves. You did not even have the courtesy to comment on the post you probabbly didn teven read it you just came to tell us about your 'mkateblog' something I find very tacky! Problem is you are doing it all over the blogs I am reading and I am sick and tired of reading that nonsense.

You see Mama Njeri everyone on the blogsphere knows that if you want to read someone's blog or someone's ideas in-depth you just click their names and for those with blogs it will lead you to their blogs. You do not need to show us your naivety here by telling us to click on your name. People will click on the names of people's whose ideas they like or impress them, now unless you are expecting people other than your fellow superior kikuyus to read it umepotea dada! When you go about telling us about Kikuyu superiority on blogs 'tupende tusipende' and then expect us to follow you, are you being serious? You go calling people names mara lovers when they defend themselves, your comments are off putting and for that reason common sense dictates that we skip any vitriol you may have to spew and save ourselves the agony.

Waswahili wanasema dada 'Kizuri chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza' So wewe go on jitembezaring 'Miss Sex after childbirth'. Still think I am a man trying to 'legally' attack you? LooooooL!

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Go mama Omondi, go!!!

Yenyewe mama Njeri Unatu-bore na hizo ads zako kila mahali. Si ulipe tu Google chapa wasambaze message yako ya sex after child birth? Yawn!!


mama njeri said...

Mama Omondi,

Si it is you people you have the gut to enter the woman immeaditely after she has given birth. I was bringing this to you to stop this wicked inhumane ways against women.

mkenya said...

mama njeri GO! GO!

you have every right to broadcast your blog! Here. there ... everywhere! as fo those women 'inhumanely' treat their women - shame!

Anonymous said...

There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also. Keep working ,great job!


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