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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Are you lovesick?

Have you ever been through that bitter-sweet experience of being in love?

It’s quite something. You cannot stop thinking about the other person. They are on your mind the whole day and the whole night too. When you wake up they are the first person you think about. At night you go to sleep with them on your mind. And whenever you meet three tends to be a crowd. You just want to be left alone with each other. It is like nobody else exists in the universe.

Many times, this is simply infatuation which wears off fairly quickly. But what about if it is true love?

It is interesting how most people spend most of their lives dreaming about a true love coming into their lives without giving much thought to the complications that usually accompany that true love. In the end, the lucky few who find love end up with many regrets because of the heartaches and sheer torture that comes with it.

For instance if you are separated by long distances, you really feel the pain that cannot be quenched by long telephone conversations or anything else. Other times due to your partners’ circumstances chances are that your family members will be strongly opposed to you having any relationship with them. Close friends may even strongly advice you against continuing the relationship.

It is interesting how virtually every tale of true love that triumphs is always one of overcoming many obstacles and difficulties before the two people who love each other so much can be together and live happily ever after.

Good luck to all you love-sick folks out there. There is no known cure for true love other than being together for better or for worse, in sickness or in health.

And to those who have not found love yet, think of the complications and difficulties that come with it, the next time you feel lonely.

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