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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ode to the Charade: Zimbabwe

A sham, bloody deception,
The bounding, white army chanted.

Undemocratic, unparalleled injustice,
The tardy (nay, tacky), black army chorused.

Unrivalled travesty, perfect ambiguity,
The International Community whimpered.

But the black man stood, ‘unstung’, unmoved,
The virulent words falling on ‘barren’ ears.

“Keep your noises to yourselves,”
He advised the white and black alike.

The bandying of coloured words ensued,
All parties pulling the frayed reins.

Just before the snap of the frayed joints,
The black man cleared his throat:

“If you deem yourselves clean enough,
Be the first one to throw the stone!”

The white and black armies exchanged glances,
And voluntarily retreated to their hovels.

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