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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to ask for sex in marriage

Everybody knows that the two key areas where most problems emerge and most fights start from in any relationship are namely sex and money.

But most are slow to talk about sex probably because they find it way to embarrassing. The main culprits here, it has to be admitted, are the men.

Picture the following scenario. Your wife has been busy all day in the office and heads to the kitchen the moment they arrive at home to make sure that everything is exactly as you like it. She then helps the kids with the homework and does a million other things in the house while you watch KTN news on TV and catch up with the latest episode of “24.” However when you get to bed you will rush to demand your conjugal rights with the insensitivity of an animal. Of course even if you do get it, the quality is bound to be very poor because her mind (don’t even mention the heart) is really not in it.

Men need to start by understanding that women are not like your PC which you switch on and instantly get to do whatever you want as long as you know the commands. Women are emotional creatures but the best policy is to treat them like a bank account. That is you can only withdraw what you have put in, and if you are a little more patient and put the money in the right account, you may be able to draw it out with some “interest.”

Do something nice to please her. Buy her that dress she talks about all the time. Or those shoes you admire in your co-worker. This is not to say that everything you do for her has to involve cash. By being just a little considerate in many small things, you will be amazed at the change that comes over her. You will not be any less of a man by helping out with the dishes. Or throwing out the trash. Or tidying up the store or backyard a few minutes before the TV news starts.

But the biggest problem men have is I how they ask for sex in the bedroom. It ranges from a growl (not unlike that of a lion) to wife rape, pure and simple. PLEASE STOP. You are dealing with a lady here, not another man like you, surely. Women need to always be handled tenderly and with a lot of care.

10 Creative ways men can ask their women for sex

1. Be nice to her. Compliment her on the things about her that really turn you crazy.

2. Buy her chocolate on your way from the office and some flowers. Done right you won't even need to ask for anything. You will get it on a silver platter.

3. Buy her that really expsnive dress she has always wanted. Will yield same results as "2" above.

4. Wash the dishes or do a chore for her that she really hates. (This one works like magic).

5. Listen attentively as she bitches about everything and anybody. Ask questions now and then to show her that you are listening. You will be shocked at the mood she will be in when you get to bed.

6. Talk dirty. WARNING: This can only work if she is already in the mood.

7. If she wants kids and you don't have any yet, start a discussion on the sex of your baby or how cute he/she will look like.

8. If your wife works like you, when she gets home from work massage her and don't allow her to do any work in the house. Well, if you want it you have to work for it kijana so don't just groan and move to the next tip.

9. Stare at her breasts or thighs and when she asks you what you are doing, tell her honestly what that part of her anatomy does to you.

10. Look for creative pick-up lines on the internet and modify them slightly to suit your objective.

Good luck. :-)

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