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Friday, December 21, 2007

Mupende Musipende, Kamlesh (Paul) Pattni Is Already In The 10th Parliament

…And He Could Be The Next Official Leader Of The Opposition

Kamlesh Pattni, now known s brother Paul Pattni is believed to have been the main architect behind the multi-billon shilling Goldenbeg scam. Other tycoons who committed lesser evils like Ketan Somaia are now behind bars but Pattni continues to defy all odds and is now set to be a member of the 10th parliament.

Part of the reason why the man is not behind bars is because he is extremely intelligent and appears to have too much on former President Moi and his hand in Goldenberg.

So how is Pattni going to find his way into parliament even if he does not win a parliamentary seat? Actually Kenda is set to win a number of parliamentary seats countrywide and Pattni will have an opportunity to nominate not only himself but quite a number of other characters into the August house. It all depends on the number of seats that he will win and all signs are that his extremely well financed KENDA political party is going to win quite a number of seats. Those seats will be used to support Moi and his former henchmen who stole billions from the Kenyan people and are looking like they will get away with it.

Kenyans in every constituency need to be very careful about electing anybody from KENDA into parliament. A vote for KENDA is a vote for corruption and Moi.

Pattni’s chances for the Westlands seat don’t appear to be too bad after all. The way incumbent Fred Gumo is behaving (accompanying Raila to campaign meetings countrywide) suggest that he has already given up on being re-elected and is now looking for a nomination to parliament from ODM. The Asian influence in Westlands and Pattni’s almost bottomless pockets put him as a firm favorite for the seat and probably the next official leader of the opposition.

There have been reports that each KENDA parliamentary candidate has received Kshs 10 million for their campaign and when you consider the fact that it is only ODM that has fielded more candidates than KENDA, then Pattni and KENDA are the party to watch.

Kumekucha Poll
Much has been said and asked about my controversial poll. I will say no more. I only ask Kenyans that they judge me and the poll against the real results which will start trickling in on the 28th of December and which we will closely monitor and report about here.

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