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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Worrying Thing About Raila’s Financial Backers

Guest post by a former insider

One clarification first: I do not hold the key to a solution, but I may be able to explain where and how things went wrong .... the solution lies in the hands of each and everybody of you when you go to vote on December 27th .....

Things went wrong a long time ago but as long as a totally corrupt and surpressing Government (speak Moi) did not allow free expression of mind and controlled the press totally, many things were not known and could not be known. And if anybody dared to talk, he (she) disappeared out of public (political) life and sometimes even got killed (and I do not only talk about Dr. Ouko .....).

But now you have the possibility to know and to talk - and still, the same people who held you for ransom for so long, continue controlling your life - and that is unexcusable .... do not allow this to happen.

Although I do not see that things will change in the next 10 or so years ... Moi, Biwott and also Kibaki are too clever .... whenever it suits them they fall back on the tradition that elders have to be respected ...... they manipulate a whole country ..... and even these tribal slogans creating hate and fear amongst Kenyans - Kenyans who have learned to live, laugh (and love) together in normal times.

But with Elections, all of the sudden this subject is coming in. Do you not ask yourself 'why?' - 'why all of the sudden'?

The answer is very simple: Because it fits into the pattern of certain people and they know very well how to organize and use this. This is not new, it was done all the time. Just remember the so-called 'ethnic' cleansing in 1992 where thousands have been killed and more lost their homes.

So the Mt. Elgon situation of today already existed before and was used to create fear amongst the people ..... 'be careful, see what happens if you don't elect me (at that time Moi who was in danger after Ouko got killed and he had to succumb to the call for a multi-party-system)' and now the same with Kibaki 'if you do not re-elect me, things will go out of control ......' - we are your saviours, and nobody else ....

I do not say that Raila is the perfect man ..... there are too many open questions also regarding him. He has some business contacts which I do not trust a bit (South African Whites with a very shady past) ... he owes them a lot of money and they are interested that he becomes President so they get back their money .... they are mainly interested in the oil-deals but also in road-construction and other profitable business like railways, refinery, ports etc. ..... why do you think Raila has started to talk about building a new port in the north, a railway-connection to the Sudan, etc. etc. - but his partners are criminals, internationally known crooks ..... and that's scary ....

And then there is still Biwott .... I do not want to go into details regarding him .... but it is more than worrisome (and here I quote Mutula Kilonzo who once wrote to me regarding Biwott: that a man like him can influence the outcome of elections and even decide on who becomes the next President, is the most disturbing thing and says a lot about Kenya...) ... and reading that one of his wives - Prof. Kamar - (besides her he has two more: one jewish white and a Tanzanian) - is running for Parliament on an ODM-ticket and besides her also her brother ..... gives me more than a chill ....besides the fact that already one of his daughters - Esther Koimet - is holding a very crucial position in the financial government sector.

And now I better stop .... although I did not answer your initial question: how did I come into all this ????? That's a very long story ..... but piece by piece I will give you the answer ..... just be a little bit patient.

Marianne Briner

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