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Monday, December 10, 2007

Kumekucha Poll Survey: Bizarre Results in Kisii

Anytime now, I will be releasing the results of a countrywide survey that I have carried out with the help of our numerous countrywide sources of information.

The different thing about this survey is that it was done amongst the ordinary folks of Kenya as well as the down and out struggling to put food on the table who make up the vast majority of voters.

To be absolutely honest I believe that I have always had my hand very close to the pulse of the nation, but I was still quite surprised by some of the findings that came through.

Today I will share about one of the areas of the country where our findings really surprised me.

I know the Kisii people fairly well and I have assumed all along that considering the strong influence Hon Simeon Nyachae has on the people in this area, ODM was unlikely to get anything better than lukewarm support from the Abagusii community.

My recent survey has proved just how wrong I was. A large chunk of the Kisii vote is set to go in the direction of ODM and the party’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga. In fact sources on the ground indicate that Hon Nyachae has in recent weeks greatly softened his previously highly combative attitude against ODM and Raila Odinga that culminated in the ugly incident of violence against ODM’s Ruto and Magara a few weeks ago. Insiders insist that the Roads Minister and chief PNU campaigner in the area has sent feelers to the people and to the ODM high command that he has nothing personal against the party or Raila Odinga. That is quite a telling gesture coming from an old hand experienced politician like Nyachae.

This is certainly not good news for PNU strategists who have all along counted Kisii as being more or less in the bag for the president, especially due to repeated assurances by Nyachae who has taken charge of the Kisii campaign and has told the president that he needn’t bother himself with trips to Kisii because the entire community is already in the bag for him.

I have been concurring with this sentiment knowing how deep and passionate the Abagusii are when it comes to cultural matters, most of all issues like circumcision where the Luo have different cultural practices for initiation that are mostly ridiculed in Kisii. In fact most women in Kisii are still circumcised and campaigns against this brutal FMG practice by numerous well-funded NGOs in the area have had very little impact. So it seemed that defeating Raila and ODM in Kisii was very simple. All that was required was for politicians like Nyacahe to take to the dias and lead the crowd in Kisii circumcision songs. No speeches would be necessary.

Now surprisingly it seems that an entire community has had its’ thinking transformed overnight. I will not for a minute pretend to know why and how this has happened.

But what is crystal clear are the percentage figures for thise area of Nyanza province. Kisii, is clearly ODM country and who can forget the chilling remark from one respondent who told our source in Kiswahili.

“Ikifika saa kumi na mbilli jioni tarehe 27th Dec, Wakenya watakua wamemalizana na Kibaki. Mimi sidaganyi wewe.” Roughly translated into English: “When the clock strikes 6 pm on 27th December, Kenyans will have sealed the fate of Mwai Kibaki. I am NOT lying to you.

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George Morara said...


Your findings are true. The voters will do even better than during the referndum. Those days when circumcision was used against our Luo brothers is long gone. However, i would say there are still a few old 'wazees' who subscribe to that thinking. A number of professionals in Nairobi are planning to comb the entire Gusii land in the last week of campaigs to change all that thinking.

Remember in 2002 Kisiis overwhelmingly voted for Nyachae with the false belief that he was set to become Kenya's next president. However, in this year's election, its proving difficult for him to convince many what 'shareholding' he has in PNU.

It should also be recalled that during Raila's tenure as Roads Minister, many roads were designed in the greater Kisii region, some of which are currently being constructed. It was also during the tenure of Raila that a Kisii, Engineer Ariga, was appointed Chairman of Kenya Roads Board, only to be sacked when Nyachae replaced Raila.

There is also acute unemployment in Kisii to the extent that nowadays, a number of youths from the area are seeking employment even as security guards, rivalling some communities who have all along been associated with security guarding. Ni kubaya bwana!

We all belong to Nyanza. Those days of dividing us along 'Luo Nyanza' and 'Kisii Nyanza' are long gone.

Vijana hatulali. Bado Mapambano! RAILA IGOROOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

Ahmed, Kisii

I'm a Somali who lives in Kisii and I do business here. The situation in the ground says Raila will sweep more than 80% of Kisii vote. ODM will fight it out with Ford P, PANUA, or any other small party when it comes to Parliament due to clan, tribal allegiance and somehow sham nominations. But when it comes to the Presidential vote, it is their "son" Raila as they say now. "Sisi wote ni kutoka Nyanza, kwa nini tunaenda na wengine ambao wanatoka mbali (Kibaki) na kuacha ndugu yetu (Raila) kutoka hapa kwetu?" This is what people say. ODM Kisii Land has been saying that Nyanza is one and people should go together and vote for Raila. That's why apart from ODM nominees, all the fringe parties’ nominees are supporting Raila in Kisii. Nyachae's obsession with genitalia has radicalised the youth in Kisii land. They ask: So what? You are circumcised, but do we eat, work or reason with your genitalia? Shit! It has worked man. Back in my North Eastern, it is a second Nyanza. I can swear that Kibaki will not get 25% of North Eastern.

Sam said...

I called a friend in Kisii town after reading this comment and he confirmed to me that Raila wave in this region is unstoppable.

He told me that even some Ford-p Mps are pleading with the voters to give them parliamentary votes but then give the presidential one to Raila. But I may ask still, how then is Raila is having 78% as per the recent Steadman Poll?


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