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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Danger Ahead: The Next Move Could Leave Kenyans Numb With Shock

For one magical moment in the recent post where I reproduced the hate literature being distributed in the Rift Valley, all major Kumekucha contributors for once seemed to find a common ground. Everybody agreed that this was something that Kenya does NOT need.

It is my sincere hope that what I am about to say will be received in the same spirit because it is bigger than petty partisan politics. It is more important than PNU and more important than ODM, ODM-Kenya and any other political party for that matter.

Let me also emphasize that it has nothing to do with tribalism. The truth is that greedy politicians have always managed to rally their tribesmen around themselves in their grand mission to enrich themselves and to destroy any obstacle standing in their way. This appeal to the tribe has always worked like magic. For instance nobody talks about Anglo Leasing any more because the widely held view by those supporting PNU is that there is a bigger enemy that has to be dealt with first. Little do they know that this election is all about retaining power so as to continue with the plan of personal enrichment and more Anglo Leasing by certain individuals in the current government. It has nothing to do with our poor Kikuyu brothers, some of whom have suffered more than other communities in Kenya, losing scores of relatives who basically died for nothing.

In the same way, Tom Mboya was NOT assassinated by the Kikuyus and neither was Robert Ouko bumped off by the Kalenjins. NO!!! This dirty work was carried out by individuals who fell back on their tribes for support after their evil mission was accomplished.

For some time now, there have been rumours (mainly brushed aside by most wise know-all analysts) about an impending political assassination. Interestingly this rumour has been strongest amongst security personnel (which should tell you a lot.)

The reason why many people do not take such rumours seriously is because they assume that it is all Domo and ODM propaganda. My enquiries have revealed a totally different chilling picture.

For starters, to date nobody has been able to explain the mystery of the Artur brothers and their real mission in the country. Impeccable sources recently revealed that they were brought in to “clean up” and that their mission was to assassinate a certain list of prominent Kenyans. The identity of the two well known personalities who brought them into the country left me thunderstruck and even I am frightened to name them here.

These same individuals have not abandoned their “cleaning up ideas.” In recent times some Israelis have been recruited to explore the same option amongst other options. Some of these “other options” being explored will make any right thinking Kenyan sick to the pit of their stomach. But admittedly it is a strategy that many politicians have pulled off very successfully in the past both locally and elsewhere. The option is to assassinate a senior person within PNU and then blame it on the ODM crowd.

My prayer is that the individuals involved in this evil should abandon their plans, no matter how desperate they may be.

What should really worry Kenyans is the fact that powerful forces behind the scenes have not been happy with recent political developments and their plans to influence the forthcoming polls seem to have been frustrated with everything going wrong. That fact should make every sensitive, intelligent Kenyan very worried indeed because the most likely thing that would happen is for these guys to pull off some desperate measure that will leave Kenya in chaos.

Mercifully experts in this macabre business believe that most of the individuals currently involved are incapable of pulling off such an act successfully. This coupled with the fact that the intelligence system in Kenya currently is “leaking very badly” makes it highly unlikely that such an evil plan would succeed.

Naturally very few people will take such claims seriously. Not when everybody is now very emotionally involved in supporting their preferred presidential candidates and every bit of information is analyzed in terms of which side it is hurting and whose propaganda it is.

The truth about the information I have just revealed from highly impeccable sources, is that the biggest loser in it all will be Kenya and the ordinary folk in Kenya. NOT ODM or PNU or ODM-K which by the way are all the same thing.

Let me repeat that I have often said here that unless we can face the past and deal with the ghosts of that past, we will always leave ourselves vulnerable to history repeating itself in a most undesirable manner. We cannot ignore the past and expect the future to be bright. Political assassinations of the past MUST be addressed and resolved.


Gath said...

Chris, this may be your blog but if you really have nothing to say, dont say it here. We expect to read matters of substance here but not this alarmist drivel. I'd rather even read your usual ODM singsongs than this. Wisen up, dude.

gath said...

What? No moderation now????

Anonymous said...

Chris, you right. The danger you speak of is real and present. Only the most ignorant Kenyans believe that Kibaki is in control. The old man is barely coherent in his campaigns, I'm not even sure he understands the significance of these elections. He has been in office for the last 5 years, but real power and control is with a shadowy group whose influence in our society is so pervasive and insidious they'll stop at nothing to ensure it. No? Just look at how much money they raised for his campaign.

Kenya is like a tinderbox right now, there's so much pent up anger against this government, an assassination would make Rwanda look like a walk in the park by comparison.


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