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Sunday, December 09, 2007

What This Election Is Really All About

In a few days time (how time flies) Kenyans will go to the polls to make perhaps the most important decision humans on these shores have ever had to make in East African history.

The saddest thing of all as that day rapidly approaches is the fact that the real issues in these elections have deliberately been crowded out by non-issues. Contrary to what many folks think, Elections 2007 is not about tribalism. Actually it is about money and corruption.

Let me explain.

There is plenty of evidence that the Kibaki administration started out very serious about fighting corruption. In recent times it has often been suggested that they never intended to do anything about it. That IS NOT TRUE.

To bring into perspective the decision you and I have to make seated/standing inside some polling booth it is important that we understand where and why that fight against corruption ended.

Actually all was going well until sometime in mid 2004. Just before things went terribly wrong, impeccable sources have it that a deal had been struck (with some of the thieves of public funds) to have quite a hefty sum of money returned into the country. For a moment it looked like Kenya was about to make a dramatic turn in the right direction.

Reports on exactly what triggered the derailment of the fight against corruption at this stage are varied. Some sources say that insiders convinced the president that his administration was doomed without a “reliable source of funding.” Others say that intelligence reports showed evidence of destabilization of the Kibaki administration by some very rich individuals in the former Kanu government using their ill-gotten wealth. The truth will probably never be known.

What happened next was that some very prominent personalities in Kibaki’s inner circle made “private deals” that effectively killed all the good progress that had been made. One of those characters (a cabinet minister) was suddenly flash with cash and bought shares in Lewa Downs even as he undertook expensive private construction programmes in Meru and Karen in Nairobi, all at the same time. His cabinet colleague who had been dodging auctioneers in the run-up to the 2002 general elections suddenly paid off all his hefty debts and also got involved in major private construction projects in Nyeri.

But what many people who were aware of what was happening did not realize at the time was that the president’s re-election team for 2007 was effectively coming together at that particular juncture.

Those “private deals” are the real reason why retired President Moi and the Kenyatta family have solidly thrown everything behind the Kibaki re-election campaign. These are all individuals, so where does tribalism come in? How is it that these elections have become so charged with ethnicity?

The answer is very simple. A large percentage of Kenyans have been “cheated” in much the same way that the masses of Kenya have always been fooled. We have been hoodwinked into defending thieves and corrupt individuals using the old time-worn but very effective strategy of politicians in these shores of saying that the entire tribe/community is under siege. The right Kenyan term is; “our tribe is being finished.”

Interestingly the Kalenjin community, whom other Kenyans have always assumed (very wrongly) are not intelligent, have NOT fallen for that old trick this time. However the house of Mumbi whom Kenyans have always held in high esteem assuming that they are extremely intelligent have swallowed the bait hook line and sinker. The message to the Kikuyu has been simple and effective. It is; “if Kibaki is not re-elected, the Kikuyu will be finished.” This is the kind of rubbish that even a crocodile on the Tana River with its’ powerful jaws wide open cannot swallow. Yet it is the feeling amongst most of our Kikuyu brothers and sisters.

The true position is that the Kenyatta family and the Kibaki family stand to lose a lot of money if President Kibaki is not re-elected. Of course both families had no intention whatsoever of sharing that loot with the community or putting it into any community-based projects for that matter.

My humble message to my Kikuyu brothers and sisters (and indeed my in-laws) is very simple. Whatever voting decision you make on 27th is your democratic right. But just remember that you and your children’s children will have to live with the consequences of your decision for years to come. If I were you and still felt that warm fuzzy filling towards my tribes mate that is unshakeable, I would rather look at the other candidates from the community like Kenneth Matiba and Pastor Pius Muiru. A vote for these two will be much easier on your conscience for years to come. The harsh reality of this matter is that a vote for Kibaki is a vote for Moi and the billions he and his family have stashed away abroad. It is a vote saying that the status quo should be maintained at all costs (kazi inendelee).

If you feel very strongly about voting for a candidate who has no chance of winning then why not throw your weight around Kalonzo Musyoka of ODM-K (I dare not mention Raila because that name provokes the kind of emotions we all know amongst the House of Mumbi). A solid Kikuyu vote for Kalonzo is enough to get him into State House. In my view he is the least qualified of the 3 major candidates, but conscience is everything and such a decision would also rest well in the conscience of my Kikuyu brothers.

It is instructive that PNU is the only political party amongst the big 3 that has not dared mention the issue of fighting corruption in its’ agenda. That is commendable. They are sincere.

P.S. If this post means that Kumekucha has broken the rule of being neutral, so be it. However in my view, being neutral does not mean throwing the truth out of the window. Here’s some more “neutral truth” for you. Many individuals in ODM are corrupt and have helped in fleecing public coffers. That one is also a fact and Kenyan voters will need to consider this very carefully as they cast their votes for their MPs. My advice; vote individuals and ignore party affiliation, because political parties in Kenya are not worth the paper on which their registration certificates are typed on.


Anonymous said...

The content is good but you appear to hate Kikuyus with a passion. Stop stealing their identity!!!!

Alex said...

Chris, let me start from the end...the post Script (P.S) - You certainly have a very admirable way of under estimating the intelligence of the people who post on this blog. You think that the bloggers percive you as neutral and that at this point you are 'sacrificing' neutrality to tell us the 'truth'. Loose it Chris, you have never been neutral. Show me one person who posts on this blog who believes that and I will show you a liar!!

Onto the issues (or propaganda) that you have raised this time round after your great 'investigations and research'. I would like like to imagine that you know the ministers you are referring to and since we are all for fighting corruption, why not mention them, then we can verify your assertions? am sure that the lewa downs file in the registrar of societies will have the shareholders names. If they hold the shares through other companies, tell us the companies, then we can drill down and ascertain the truth. It is either their names are greater than the noble duty of ridding Kenya of corruption, or what you are saying has no basis and cannot be proved!! Bring it out and lets put your content to test.

On this issue of always using the 'in-law' tag to try and convince anyone of objectivity and fairness, you fail miserably. Because it doesnt matter to anyone where you are married from or to who you are married. and dont cheat the Kikuyus that you are with them and thinking of them because just because you are supposedly married to one of them.

Lastly you get it wrong that the elections are about corruption...No Chris, these elections are about TRIBALISM, period! indeed to be more spot on, they are about the central Kenya versus the rest of Kenya. and this is has happened courtesy of our leaders and people like you. who never stop at reminding Kenyans that the Kikuyus have done this to you e.t.c.

I am insisting that they are about ethinicity because if they were not, would we aligning ourselves with a group that is composed of Raila (he of the molasses plant), Rutto (of the Ndungu report), Mudavadi (of Goldenberg) Kosgey(of Kasarani sports complex, National Assurance etc.) so you want us to believe that voting ODM will be voting NO to corruption? Try another!

On 27th of December, Kenyans will go to vote, and I am deeply convinced that what will be in the minds of most voters will not be the development record of the candidates, it will not be the integrity of the individuals in both teams, it will not be how corrupt the person they are voting for will be, it will not be the plans the person has for Kenya. It will be, and sadly so...the ethenicity of the candidate.

Yvonne said...

Alex, this elections will be about equal distribution of resources period. You can't run 100 meters with your competitors and yet you start 50 or even 20 meters away then you expect them to win.And that is why Kibaki had to slot in devolution in his manifesto and to me in simple terms it means decentralize or transfer power to the locality. And Annonymous number 1, no one hates kikuyus it is all in your mind, personally iam just disappointed. The other day i heard a makanga (matatu tout for those in the diaspora) complaining about one Raila then coz he was a bit friendly we struck a rapport then i asked him why he hates Raila with a passion and he told me he didn't have a reason and just told me to be frank he just couldn't vote in Raila (Buth that we have always known that a kikuyu can never vote in someone who is not from their tribe. Apparently is it not the luos who voted in Kibaki 100% in 2002 whereas even the kikuyus never gave him the same number of votes, come on what i know is that in 2002 there was no tribalism, tribalism has been triggered by this govt tosha. In this blog i have read guys saying that Kikuyu's work hard to get their resources and invest in NSE whereas others are domo, some do, some dont just the same with any other tribe in Kenya. If you will sit down today and tell me Karume, Moi, Kenyatta, Odinga etc worked hard for their money then i guess sacrifice will get a new meaning. I imagine Njenga Karume giving a motivational speech in the university of Nairobi about investment - From rags to riches!!! What iam saying in short give all Kenyans an equal opportunity then Judge them at the end of the day. You cannot compare Gideon Moi and Uhuru at St. Mary's and another Abdi at Garba Tula

Anonymous said...

I beg to be forgiven because i can not effectively express myself without bias like the bloggers on this site.I usually attach emotion rather than logical thought. The house of mumbi have had enough please not again.From dicussions with kuyo buddies they are already on post Kibaki for another mumbi.I heard names like Kamunya proposed. Let me put it this way,it is time big brother(mumbi) faced reality. Even kid brother or \ sister can lead a natioin. please consider anc vote wisely.
Happy holidays.


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