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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to get Kumekucha's raw notes

It is much easier to get Kumekucha's raw notes than you realize. But why should you? Read email comments from regular readers of the raw notes published several times every week;

"I knew what was going to happen before the elections and as the media peddles the Viagra theory as the most likely cause of he late senator Mutula's death I just laugh. The raw notes have always helped me understand what is really going on in Kenya. That is why I have no hesitation in renewing my subscription. Keep up the good work Chris."

"You are 90% correct in your predictions. Good enough for me."

"These crazy raw notes of yours keep me awake at night."

"Who do you think you are Chris Kumekucha publishing such sensitive information with no regard for people's feelings nkt!!!"

"Excellent information."

"Some call it bar talk rumours, others say it is just propaganda. But nobody can argue with the number of times Kumekucha's predictions have come to pass."

Kumekucha's raw notes usually cost $12 or Kshs 990. BUT you can get them now for half price. Just $6 or Kshs 495 if you act right away. And what is more you will be able to get 2 years subscription (100 issues) on this offer including all back issues (this usually costs Kshs 1,500). Rush because this page will be pulled down any minute. Send $6 via Paypal to or Kshs 495 to the cell phone 0701 333112 OR You can also send Airtel money to 0787 625261 (please ensure that you notify me via email at as soon as you send the funds giving me the cell phone number you used and the email address I should send the raw notes to). Do this NOW and you will have FULL access to the raw notes in minutes. Stay ahead in Kenyan politics.

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