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Monday, July 08, 2013

Reader's comments on Why Mutula Was Murdered

What readers had to say about this book

"I was utterly dumbfounded reading through this well researched murder mystery. Very sad for Kenya"

"Your revealing background on the Mutula/Moi relationship left no doubt that Moi missed the funeral in protest against the killing of his dear friend. But you left out the juicy part about the Abacha millions which Mutula helped launder and is the reason for his huge tax bill which he left unpaid rather than reveal to KRA the real source of those funds when they went through his account. Was the omission accidental or deliberate?

"Blows sky high the widely peddled view that it was a Viagra overdose that did in the late senator and also explains how this theory was deliberately circulated by "dark forces." Great read. Well done Kumekucha"

"Every Kenyan needs to get very worried, you said. I AGREE."

"What the f***!!! And what a great read. Too bizarre to be fiction."

"The method used to assassinate the late senator left me gasping for breath. Crazy."

"Of all the books Chris Kumekucha has written, this one will always linger on my mind. Kweli Banana republic Kenya."

"Great book"

"So this is why this mysterious Kumekucha Chris has such a reputation and rapidly growing fan base..."

"I keep asking... where do you get your information??? Until I know I can't comment either way."

"Mutula was a notorious womanizer, that is public knowledge, but this book will haunt everybody who reads it for a very long time."

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