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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The President's Lovers

The most sensitive info I have... by far

I have really been debating for a very long time whether to release this info or not.

On my computer I have always had a special folder titled "prezo mpango wa k." where I have been saving up all the juicy details I have come across concerning presidents of Kenya and their lovers.

I have many friends in politics who firmly believe what a politician does in their spare time is their business, after all let the one who is clean throw the first stone. And so I have never thought of ever publishing this extremely sensitive information.

But then it is also true that once a person decides to be a public figure they really do not have a private life because everything they do ends up affecting other people, sometimes millions of people. There is no better illustration of this than the assassination of one unfortunate Kenyan which happened simply because the then president believed he was going to release information to the public on one of his discreet love affairs.

So when you really think about it, the public has a right to know. In the western world these love affairs of the high and mighty have often ended many promising political careers and you would think that those in politics would learn. But nothing doing. They just never learn from history. There is something very attractive about a man who is in power, (in Africa a demi-god no less) that few women have been able to resist since the beginning of time. It is in our very DNA.

Also many of you already know that the president of Kenya receives regular intelligence briefings and it usually includes information on who is sleeping with who. And so this information must be important in analyzing stuff and making decisions. In any case it will be good for us here to be all on the same page when I make some of my more controversial commentaries on the presidency.

And so shortly I will publish the most sensitive book I have ever penned titled; The President's Lovers. It covers the lover affairs of the presidents of Kenya in great detail. The information will shock you but my real intention is for people's eyes to be opened to the fact that even our demi-gods whom Kenyans have always worshiped are human after all and have had some fascinating mpango wa kandos and passionate affairs. How this has affected their performances as chief executives of the country, I leave you to decide after you have read the book.

If you are interested in reading all the juicy details (the book holds nothing back) then you need to reserve your copy right away because this offer will disappear from this page at any time. You will need only a paltry Kshs 795 or $9.5 to get your hands on this rather voluminous narrative. Please use the usual email to Paypal $9.5 OR the cell 0701 333112 to Mpesa Kshs 795 and I will reserve a copy for you right away.

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