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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How To Get The Information You Are Looking For

The information that you are interested in is of a highly sensitive nature. I have increasingly found that a lot of the raw information I have I am NOT able to use in the public domain and especially here in Kumekucha for various reasons. I have therefore decided to launch a private facility called Kumekucha’s raw notes where I openly share the very latest hot intelligence information I have in my notes weekly, and especially what I am NOT able to use directly in Kumekucha. I will charge a mere $15 (or Kshs 990) for one full years' subscription to this information. If you are interested in subscribing to this hot info drop me an email NOW at umissedthis at gmail dot com and you will get an instant response, no waiting.

By subscribing to Kumekucha’s raw notes, you will also be helping to finance the continued existence and enhanced quality of the Kumekucha blog.

Email Me right away

P.S. New subscribers will get all back issues of the raw notes ever published.


Anonymous said...

in central province, people have opted to stay away and moan.. it is not force buy they want to pay their respects.. i was about to go and visit my mother but i was told cars are not allowed, so i guess you are right, something is amiss...

Peter g said...

Ati i pay you to get the info. S**t head. Ur a pervet too. Showing sick things here. Go to hell. This is the most unethical blog in kenya.


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