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Friday, April 11, 2008

PNU Makes Its First Move In Grand Anti-ODM Dirty Tricks

KACC Asks Mudavadi To Explain Kshs 10 Million Woodley House

The move that PNU masde this morning has been expected for months now. Those who have been regular readers of this blog will know that in the run up to the failed elections of last year and with dwindling support from Western province, this blogger was reliably informed that Musalia Mudavadi’s file was being looked at with blackmail being high on the minds of PNU operatives then.

One thing Kenyans should not forget about the duly elected president is that he has never made a decisive decision in his life. He always moves and hesitates a million times before finally making his move very late when the very effectiveness it may have had has been completely diluted. The Mudvadi issue is no exception because this writer is very much aware that it has been in the works now for a long time. Just the way William Ruto’s is still in the works.

Now after weeks of intimidating Musalia Mudavadi, the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission which is best known for prosecuting traffic policemen for taking Kshs 50 from matatu touts, has this morning moved to the high court to compel Mudavadi to appear before it to disclose how he acquired a Woodley house valued at Kshs 10 million which is in his name.

With that single move PNU have hit right at the heart of ODM in a strategy that is meant to create cracks of disunity within the ODM pentagon top brass of the party. It is yet another classic example of how justice in Kenya is so selective. The game is really very simple. Any ODM Pentagon member who dares to lift a finger will be told; “File yako pia tunangali.” (We are also looking into your file).

Interestingly in all the suspect deals that Mudavadi may have been involved in the past, those involving retired President Moi have been very conveniently ignored and the one chosen is a mere Kshs 10 million house in Woodley. Indeed it is the same reason that has helped William Ruto avoid harassment from KACC because most of his deals during the Kanu days involved Mama na Baba President Moi (now retired). President Moi, a close advisor of the duly elected president is obviously being protected and the idea is to keep his name out of the limelight as much as possible as his assets around the world are moved.

Also ignored by KACC are numerous personalities at the heart of PNU starting with a well known cowboy contractor who never completes projects but always finances President Kibaki’s campaign kitty. His name is Ephrahim Maina of the infamous Kirinyaga construction. Even more interesting is the fact that Roads Minister of the illegal cabinet, John Michuki in canceling contractor’s contracts is yet to touch good old Ephrahim. How can he?

Also ignored by KACC are some individuals close to the president who have been involved in a very dirty deal that has hived out a large tract of land from the famous Masai Mara game reserve. There is plenty of evidence on that case including some collected by a certain judge. But alas, it is not politically correct to prosecute those crooks. Instead KACC has gone for a man who when put next to most of the crooks within PNU is clearly made to look like Mother Teresa incarnate.

Of even more importance to the nation, if KACC are really eager to attempt to redeem themselves, would have been for them to prosecute all those jokers at the disgraced ECK who caused so much blood to be spilt in the country when they deliberately bungled the election at the tallying stage. Even my 7 year old grandson can clearly see the tons of evidence that clearly show the ECK announced results without any paperwork to support the gibberish they wanted Kenyans to believe were presidential election results. This corruption beats all other corruption deals done in the history of the motherland because it has spilt lots of blood (over 5,000 Kenyans lost their lives) and then it has split the country into half. The truth is that had the ECK announced genuine results, PNU supporters on the ground would have accepted them and gone back to the drawing boards thus keeping the country united. Instead the ECK acted at the behest of a handful of people who were prepared to do anything to ensure that Hon Raila Odinga (whom they just see as Mujaruo) did NOT ascend to the presidency.

Sigh. That’s Kenya and its’ selective justice for you.

The next move PNU are planning is to arrest another prominent ODM pentagon member and then to hoodwink the public that justice is fair this time, they will also arrest and charge a PNU MP who has been linked to financing violence and has had US visa problems very recently. Court cases take a long time and when the public have forgotten, the PNU operative will win his case and be freed while the ODM guy will be roasted.

As my favorite ODM MP said the other day; BRING IT ON!! Kenyans are ready.


Anonymous said...

This shit is funny and cartoonish. Whenever I have trouble rousing my fat ass out of bed for work, I know I can log onto kumekucha and read something so out of the ordinary in Kenya (you can't write this stuff) that is quaranteed to cheer me up!

Anonymous said...

You sound more shitty than the content you reffer to as shit.

Anonymous said...

Ringera is the one of biggest crook out there. A buddy at NSIS indicated that they have major dirt on the guy but hey, this is Kenya. Sacred cows feed first, then shit on you as you scrounge for left overs. Classic Kenya!

Anonymous said...

An attack on mudavadi will unit ODM even more and place luyahs behind Raila and ODM. PANU have two options accept raila or take Bob rout and hit ODM hard, so that never fight another day.


Let THE revelation of CORRUPTION BEGIN!



Swahilijoe said...

The whole lot is corrupt from ODM to PNU and all need a day in the docket. Kumekucha you need some balance in the blog ; you are too ODM to see the other side of the story. And you are readers are so narrow minded that if it ain't pro-ODM then it ain't right.This Kibaki bashing is just too much and you guys are just sounding like some rumor mongering gutter press. Lets have different views. If a guy is corrupt doesn't matter whether he is PNU or ODm; jail them.Musalia, Murungaru, Ruto e.t.c. They steal from us and claim ethnicity when we go after them and thats why we have millions idlers without jobs and specializing in stone throwing. Goldenberg. Anglo, Kenya Re, KNAC, AFC...ohhhh!! Holy Jesus..Were it not for them we would be having a great country. But guess what; we have to protect Kosgey, Ruto, Murungaru, Kirubi e.t.c just because they are ODM or PNU. Kenyans are just stupid i swear.

Anonymous said...

am writing this contribution from kigali rwanda. and am convinced that kenyans are a very blessed lot but also a very stupid bunch of folks. we are playing with fire hurling abuses at each other, conjuring up information like mordern day houdini just so to have something to fill up a blog with. in the meantime, our minds are filling up with hate messages. at this rate, i wont be suprised if one of them days, we start slaughtering each other with a savagery that shocks even the devil himself into a retreat. you able writers should take a trip into the annals of this countries genocide, walk some of the documentaries that they show here religiously during the month of April every year (national mourning month)that rival Alfred Hitchcock movies in ability to put a grown man into abject fright. then see if yu will continue writing the rubbish that some of you come up with. that man kabuga, the master of genocide here in rwanda is still out and about in kenya having the time of his life. here they are burying 300 skeletons that they discovered in a pit laterine with their skulls bashed in, 14 years after the genocide. a million people perished in the most hideous manner that only animals can think of. and yu folks are talking about raila kibaki and ruto? while you and i are burying hatchets in each others heads, they shall be the kabugas of our country in some distant nation.
wake up people, its not funny anymore. one would think that you are senior secretaries in government, the way you coin convincing information.
stop breeding hatred on this blog in the name of free speech.

Anonymous said...

this is what i call shit politics.Hike your standards and smell the fish not even the coffee.take a step at a time and realize how this game is being played.politics is not about laying tricks that can be read from the far but its a secretive move that suprises all.It seems like you are a good story teller and am sure some grannies who still believes that kenyatta still rules this nation will be happy to share with you your special goodnight story.thanks for the energetic story.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous who says this is shit politics, idiots like you are the one who got rwanda burning. then ran to kenya and drc. you think this is a joke? you sit wherever u are in america or some other place and pontificate about how politics is about laying tricks while here africans are dying because extensions of fools like yourself are brainwashing folks into murder? either you are a mzungu underneath your black skin or plain simple minded. come to rwanda for a week and see if you will write the crap you did thereafter.


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